Embrace The Hate: How The Heat Can Grow The NBA

The Miami Heat were supposed to run roughshod over the NBA. They were supposed to have at least 73 wins this season before sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. However, the Heat are currently a 0.500 team that looks like they won’t catch a sniff of even a division crown. The Heat could have been a viewership draw as a dominant force that everyone would respect but want to see torn down at the same time. As they’re no threat to win the NBA championship, it’s time to dip into the David Stern slash Vince McMahon playbook to salvage the NBA season. It’s time for a complete heel turn. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Intense

Making her Lowdown Blog debut, here’s Maria Menounos who was the highlight of the MTV VMAs.

I mentioned last week that EA Sports’ NHL 11 came out last week. The only problem is that it might be a bit too intense for hockey fans to handle. (Kotaku)

My favourite link of the day: It’s an in-depth profile of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. (New York Magazine)

Everybody has done the Heisman pose at some point in their lives. Well, Heisman front-runner Michigan’s Denard Robinson gave it to Notre Dame in the middle of a play. (Sports By Brooks)

After the jump, some football links, everybody hates LeBron, and Mike Leach makes a better coach than broadcaster. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Fail The King

I’ve been meaning to run this for a while but here’s Katy Perry from a recent issue of Esquire UK. I hope the US version was paying attention.

The big sports media story of the week was this Arash Markazi story about a night in the life of LeBron James in Las Vegas. (Google Docs)

Why was it such a big story, you might ask? Well, ESPN pulled the story from its website for the dumbest reason on record. (Deadspin) I’m actually shocked by this reason. I didn’t think that anyone from ESPN would pull their lips off LeBron’s ass long enough to dictate a statement.

Though that story might be the highlight of LeBron’s week. Here’s a hypothetical look of when LeBron meets up with Jay-Z for the first time since The Decision. (Food Court Lunch)

After the jump, profiles of a couple legends, a StarCraft II review, and a Bieber fail. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Hard Time

Today is a first for the WLO. It’s our first incarcerated leadoff girl with Lindsay Lohan who went to prison yesterday.

I said that the death of George Steinbrenner was a sad day for baseball but the death of actor James Gammon is worse. The man was the greatest movie manager in history. (With Leather)

Speaking of the Boss, does he deserve enshrinement in the Hall of Fame? (The Big Lead)

And here’s the story of a straight man playing in a gay men’s softball league. (The Good Men Project)

After the jump, more about The Decision, a Bill Murray interview, and Taiwan’s take on the iPhone. Continue reading

Lowdown BlogCast: July 20, 2010

It’s time for a back to the basics episode of The Lowdown BlogCast. In this episode, Steve reviews the new Green Day: Rock Band video game and the boys talk about video games in Australia. That’s followed up by the obligatory LeBron James discussion as the guys talk about the ridiculousness of the situation, what this means for future free agents in the NBA and what the next move for the Toronto Raptors should be. That segues into entertainment in which features a man named Band as Jackie’s single of the week. Newark, New Jersey, is represented in It Came From YouTube while the Billboard Hot 100 gets another plug in the Worst of Music. The NHL takes over from there as the boys discuss Carrie Fisher (or is it Underwood) and the near certainty (as of taping) that Ilya Kovalchuk would join the LA Kings. That leads to a discussion of players that can’t handle the pressures of playing in the spotlight. The show wraps with a discussion of the World Cup final and who was at fault for the Dutch loss. In total, it’s 100 minutes of Lowdown insanity. It’s more than a regular World Cup that isn’t officiated by Howard Webb.

Click here to download The Lowdown BlogCast.
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Sunday Link-Off: Back Story

The ESPYs were last week. They serve no purpose at all but we did get to see Brooklyn Decker. That’s got to count for something.

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the double rainbow guy video. But did you know that the double rainbow guy is a former MMA fighter? (Out of Bounds)

Fans are really into some of the most inconsequential characters in the Star Wars universe. Here are 10 of those characters with back stories that aren’t the slightest bit necessary. (Topless Robot)

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was fined $100,000 for telling LeBron James where to stick it in that epic letter of his. Some Cleveland fans are taking it upon themselves to help their owner pay that fine. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

After the jump, some video game stories, douchebaggery at ESPN, and LeBron’s heel turn. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Unpredictable

Leading off today’s edition of the SLO is Alessandra Ambrosio.

Heading into today’s World Cup final, it looks like the players won’t be the gamebreaking factors. Adidas’ “Jabulani” football has been proven by NASA as being unpredictable. (FanHouse)

I’m not a fan of all these crazy stats invented by eggheads that try to tell us who the best players are in every sport. Fortunately, David Berri is far more eloquent in dissecting what’s wrong with these ridiculous stats. (MGoBlog)

Need a new vacation spot? Have you thought of going to lovely Lake Jonathan Toews? (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, scads of baseball links, more on King James, and Kristen Stewart is a gifted actress. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Won’t Get Fooled Again

Welcome back to an increasingly rare feature on the blog. It’s another edition of The Humanoids. I’d call it our signature piece here but more people come by to ogle the women in the Link-Off posts than read this. Actually, if I didn’t know better, I’d say our blog is a glorified picture book. Mind you, my post last week on reasons to love Canada sure didn’t help. And why is the most popular post of the week an April Fools’ story. Should people not be tricked by it three months on? Granted this week’s Humanoids targets have pulled the wool over our eyes so maybe that’s appropriate. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Get Off My Mound

For no real reason, kicking things off is Jessica Alba.

Competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi is fought the law and the law won at this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Fortunately for all of us that couldn’t make it Coney Island, there’s video. (Deadspin)

The world is giddy with anticipation as we await LeBron’s big announcement. Fortunately for Cleveland, Betty White is on their side. (PopWatch)

New York made a much more “Wall Street” pitch to LeBron. They used a PowerPoint presentation about how LeBron can get rich in The Big Apple. Now, about that winning thing… (Black Sports Online)

After the jump, this post’s eponymous link, Iran’s greatest contribution to society, and vote Joey Votto. Continue reading

The Humanoids: The Grand Return

After nearly two months out of action, it’s the return of The Humanoids. A lot of stuff has happened over the last few weeks that needs to be smacked around in that classic cynical/sarcastic Humanoids way. The format is just the same as you remember but the numbers have changed slightly because we don’t have a radio station to subtly give a nod to. So, without further ado, the return of The Humanoids. Continue reading