The Evolution of Racing Video Games (Infographic)

If there are two passions of mine that I write about far too frequently, it’s motorsports and video games. Naturally, I love writing about and playing motorsport video games, especially proper racing sims.

Today, I have an infographic that combines both of my passions into one. Our friends at Team Sport have a look back at the history and evolution of racing video games. It even includes two games from Papyrus Racing Games who are my favourite racing sim devs of all time.

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F1 2012 Season Preview: Predictions

It’s time for the third and final part of our Formula One season preview. With the examination of the teams, drivers, and new rules out of the way, it’s time to put all of the information we have together for predictions for the 2012 season. Of course, the combination of the new rules and testing times is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of who’s fast which makes predicting the season a difficult proposition. Especially since most teams and drivers are saying they expect a mixed up grid at least until we get the first major car updates at the start of the European portion of the season. Continue reading

F1 2012 Season Preview: The Rules

Welcome to part two of our 2012 Formula One World Championship season preview. Today, we look at the new rules that have been implemented this season. In the continuous search to lower costs, level the playing field, improve safety and increase the quality of races, the FIA have put into place several new rules for this season. Last year’s rules suited Red Bull quite well as they and Sebastian Vettel dominated the championship. Will this year’s new rules put someone else on top? Continue reading

F1 2012 Season Preview: Drivers and Teams

It’s that time of year again race fans. We’re days away from the V8 engines of the Formula One World Championship firing up in anger for the first time in 2012. Last season saw Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel dominate the season en route to their second consecutive championship. So to start our look at the 2012 F1 season, we look at the 12 teams that will be in the field and the 24 drivers piloting the cars. Continue reading

The Nurburgring [Infographic]

The Nurburgring is a relic of motorsports long ago. It was christened “The Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart who won there three times in eight Grands Prix, including his famous win in the rain and fog in 1968. The track is famous for its 21 kilometre, 150+ turn, Nordschlife (Northern Loop) Circuit which has claimed the life of 72 racing drivers as well as another three to twelve public driver each year. But it’s the danger and the history that are part of the allure of this legendary racing circuit.

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Sunday Link-Off: Straight Cash

In honour of the royal visit to Canada, here’s Camilla Luddington who played Kate Middleton in the TV movie William and Kate.

The boys at Deadspin have done it again. They’ve obtained copies of the NFL League Office’s financial statements. It paints an interesting picture of what the league office does for its teams. (Deadspin)

It’ll still be a while before we all see the new Ayrton Senna documentary but here’s a review of what racing fans around the world are excited for. (Grantland)

Not all stories in motorsports are great though. For example, IndyCar is imploding because of a horrible series of TV deals. (Daly Planet)

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Sunday Link-Off: Scandalous

It’s back to normal for us on the blog. Well, at least as normal as me doing the Sunday links is. Anyway, let’s kick off with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Bill Simmons’ new project launched this week. It’s named after famed sports writer Grantland Rice. However, hindsight says that Rice wasn’t as good as most people think. (Deadspin)

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Prior is leaving college football to make a go of it as a pro. Given the recent scandal at Ohio State, this means he probably taken a pay cut. But at least he gave us some more fun by leaving NCAA investigators a paper trail to investigate. (Sports by Brooks)

Speaking of scandals, here’s a well-written call to fix FIFA for the sake of international football. (The Economist)

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