Wednesday Link-Off: Holiday Hangover

NBC filled their Monday with Chuck reruns and IGN named Mass Effect 2 their top XBox 360 game of 2010 so why not lead with Yvonne Strahovski.

For once, a complainer gets what’s coming to him. In 1974, a Cleveland Browns fan wrote in a complaint about other fans. The Browns’ response is epic. (Cleveland Scene)

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions now but how are we going to be doing the Christmas season in 500 years. (Cracked)

Here’s a funny little Christmas cartoon about a little boy who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. Parents beware. (The High Definite)

After the jump, how TSN grew the World Juniors, a Fox News fail and real-life Call of Duty.

Here’s a very high level look at how TSN saw an opportunity to grow the World Juniors and turn it into an event. (Globe & Mail)

The new Big Ten logo took a lot of heat but what does the designer of the logo think? (Co Design)

For LeBron, 2010 has been a year-long example of open mouth, insert foot. He’s found an out for his suggestion to contract the league. He says he couldn’t have suggested that the NBA contracts because he doesn’t know what contraction means. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Speaking of the NBA, here’s a look at the best and worst court designs in the association. (The Point Forward)

Gaming time! First, it’s a look back at the dozen best Kinect hacks of 2010. (Uproxx)

Speaking of the Kinect, here’s a typical Fox News story about a Kinect game that lacks any journalism. In a previous LNLO, I mentioned a virtual porn Kinect game. Just because Microsoft has banned it doesn’t mean that Fox can’t sensationalize this. (Kotaku)

And slightly related to that is the top 100 BitTorrent searches of 2010. I think I only searched two of the 100. (Mashable)

Based on the reviews, Little Fockers could be among the worst movies of all-time. Fortunately, if you put together the reviews, you can come up with the plot of the movie so you don’t have to watch it. (Film Drunk)

Jackie tweeted me this link and I feel compelled to share. It’s NPH as Barney Stinson talking about the Three Day Rule and what it has to do with Jesus. (TV Fanatic)

Copyright infringement is sort of standard in the entertainment industry. However, Usher must have been desperate with his last hit OMG because he ripped off Homer Simpson. (Geekosystem)

The media is really high on John Stewart. Now they’re comparing him to Edward R. Murrow. (New York Times)

A couple of galleries to close out today. First, it’s a gallery of unusual toilet paper. (Ego TV)

Second, we’ve got a video gallery. Since Christmas wrapped up and you won’t see elaborate displays like this now, here are the 10 best Christmas light shows. (Gawker TV)

It seems as though every store that sold electronics had smartphones and the like on sale for Boxing Day. That reminded me of this great skit about a faulty blackberry.

This video has been viewed over six million times but I’m not entirely sure why. It’s a live-action Call of Duty.

You see, I much prefer this Lego version of Call of Duty.

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