Will The Xbox One Be Your Overly Attached Girlfriend? (Infographic)

Microsoft might have gotten rid of the online check-in DRM requirements for the Xbox One but doesn’t mean that it isn’t still watching you. We’ve all read that it’s built around advertising with the Kinect integral to making that advertising work better for advertisers. The Kinect always watching and Microsoft’s compliance in giving data to the NSA doesn’t make me feel better about it.

So is the Xbox One going to be like a clingy girlfriend? The folks at Kensington make that case in a handy infographic.

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E3 2012: The Microsoft Outlook

There was a lot of hype heading into Microsoft’s E3 press conference. There was a promise of footage from the upcoming Halo 4. In the run up to E3, the biggest expected announcement was for Smart Glass which was believed to allow for media sharing between XBox 360s and (non-BlackBerry) mobile devices. And we were expecting all sorts of Kinect games and apps to be unveiled. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Holiday Hangover

NBC filled their Monday with Chuck reruns and IGN named Mass Effect 2 their top XBox 360 game of 2010 so why not lead with Yvonne Strahovski.

For once, a complainer gets what’s coming to him. In 1974, a Cleveland Browns fan wrote in a complaint about other fans. The Browns’ response is epic. (Cleveland Scene)

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions now but how are we going to be doing the Christmas season in 500 years. (Cracked)

Here’s a funny little Christmas cartoon about a little boy who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. Parents beware. (The High Definite)

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