Sunday Link-Off: The Drill

I think Jackie whiffed on his choice of linkdump eye candy yesterday. A craptacular looking new movie called “I Don’t Know How She Does It” opened this weekend. While it unfortunately stars Sarah Jessica Parker, it makes up for it with Christina Hendricks. Insert easy “I don’t know how she does it” joke here.

After the recent deaths of three NHL enforcers, Chris Jones catches up with former legendary enforcer “The Grim Reaper” Stu Grimson to talk about fighting in the NHL and the Western Canada “enforcer factory.” (Grantland)

One of the best game shows on TV is Jeopardy. It hasn’t gotten that way by remaining the same though. Here’s a look at the evolution of Jeopardy over the years. (GQ)

Speaking of TV, the most important person on your favourite morning show isn’t the host(s). It’s the guy that spends 24/7 looking for the next big guest to book. (Washington Post)

After the jump, who was actually nailin’ Palin, the oddest headline of the year, and taking down the Kardashians. Continue reading


Tracy Morgan Is A Sarah Palin Fan

Tracy Morgan is a funny guy and we can never exactly be sure what’s going to come out of his mouth. The NBA on TNT crew found this out first-hand when they had him on their pregame show Thursday night before a Heat/Knicks game. When asked if Sarah Palin was hot, Morgan had one of the all-time great answers. Continue reading

The Humanoids: The Long and Short of It

On this week’s Humanoids, it’s more bang for your buck. Not quite the usual nine targets but as much written about them as if it was nine. It’s been an interesting last seven days in Canada. We threw the biggest party in the history of the world and we even held the Olympics out in Vancouver. Heroes were born, legacies were crafted, and the podium was owned. And after the great Canadian coming out party, it’s back to the status quo. We Canadians will move on with our quiet, self-deprecating lives while the rest of the world ignores us. But for this week, let’s hold onto the fun we’ve had for the last couple of weeks and look back. Continue reading

Lowdown Radio Classic: November 11, 2008

For this vintage episode of The Lowdown, we turn back the clocks back one year. It combines some of the great staples of The Lowdown in one show. This episode came one week after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States so this was the first episode in the new era of hope. On this episode, Steve attempts to get an interview with President-elect Barack Obama. The boys mock the would-be Vice President Sarah Palin by playing her infamous radio interview with Montreal comedians/DJs The Masked Avengers. The news, as seems to be the usual, is all stories of love gone wrong. Entertainment starts with the guys’ singles of the week followed by reviews of Paschendale and Zack & Miri Make A Porno. After the commercial was the debut of the What Were They Thinking board. Sports looks at the new theme songs for NHL coverage on CBC and TSN and the show wraps up with quick hit sports stories. The boys are on top of their games in this episode, turning a slow week into an amazing episode.

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Not News of the Week

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Not News of the Week: Your weekly reminder that if it’s not worth talking about, then it’s definitely not news.

The Palin family feud is officially underway. Levi Johnston, the guy that knocked up Sarah Palin’s then 17-year-old daughter, is spilling the beans on the secret life of the former governor of Alaska and 2012 presidential hopeful. Johnston says Palin’s reputation as a outdoorsy person is all hype as he’s never seen her touch a fishing pole and claims she can’t identify guns, let alone knows how to fire one. He also tries to debunk the myth that Palin was a good family woman saying that the family rarely talked or ate dinner together and Sarah and Todd’s marriage was teetering on the brink of divorce. Even if these accusations aren’t entirely true, they’re still going to hurt Palin’s planned presidential campaign. That and the fact that she’s, as McCain campaign workers so eloquently put it, inept, ignorant, and egocentric. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Shot In The Foot

I’m not encouraging that anyone shoots today’s subjects of my ranting. They’re all doing a fine job of that themselves. There are quite a few folks that are either committing career suicide or opening their mouth and inserting their foot. A couple manage to pull off both. That’s the price of fame, I suppose. When you’re in the public eye, anything you say or do will be overanalyzed and overexaggerated to death. Somebody can say something completely innocent but it can be spun into a career destroyer. Not that many people on this list need that much effort. I’ll admit that as a member of the media, there are times when I’m willing to edit something to fit what I want. I once edited a guy on the radio show to make it sound like he was talking about porn. Again, not that any of today’s subjects needed to help. Although the first guy up on the radar claimed he was the victim of judicious editing. Us media guys are such bastards. Continue reading

What Were They Thinking: Sarah Palin

This is the second edition of our old radio show mainstay. We take a look at something that just makes you ask “What Were They Thinking?” Today, I honour Sarah Palin who was at the heart of matters when we asked “John McCain what were you thinking?” This time, I’m asking what she’s thinking. Continue reading