Wednesday Link-Off: By The Numbers

Since I put these links together at the last minute, I’m hoping Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester will make up for any omissions.

Today is Wayne Gretzky’s 50th birthday. To celebrate, here is Gretzky’s lifetime accomplishments by the numbers. (CBC)

Given the great run the Maple Leafs are having recently, here’s a good list to cheer up Leafs fans. It’s the ten worst Leafs skaters since the lockout. (Pension Plan Puppets) At least there’s only one current Leaf on the list.

It’s no secret that I’m an old school wrestling fan. With the Royal Rumble this Sunday, here’s a look at the five best Royal Rumble moments. They definitely got #1 right. (Camel Clutch Blog)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Music To My Earholes

In theatres this weekend, you can either catch Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch (currently standing at 1% fresh) or perhaps check out Country Strong which isn’t doing much better at 15% Tomatometer. On the bright side, you do get to see Leighton Meester in the movie working her vocal pipes!

After the jump, a flowchart explaining why Black Swan was so awesome, the different body masses of Christian Bale, NASA hates 2012, Bill Hader teams up with Volkswagon, Josh Groban interprets Kanye West’s tweets, Machete in claymation and an awesome short film worthy of a look! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Notable Quotables

It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. This weekend marks the release of Date Night starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. The newly single Leighton Meester also has a role as the babysitter for the main characters’ kids in the movie, so it might be worth checking out.

After the jump a Modern Family dilemma, Tron sequel talks, more discussion about 3D movies, an amazing short film by Carl Erik Rinsch and Megan Fox makes a hot teacher. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: A Train Wreck

Here’s Leighton Meester. She’s not quite Blake Lively but she does have a sex tape so bonus points there.

This is easily the greatest fan rant of all time. (No Spain, No Gain) Actually, if you substitute “Grimsby Town” with “Toronto Maple Leafs,” you’d have a fairly accurate idea of how Leafs fans feel.

I don’t think that “vintage” is the right word to describe some of these wrestling promos. However, “train wreck” is right on the money. (Gunaxin)

Train wreck is also a good way to describe this list of the 50 greatest MMA dominations. Somehow, Kimbo Slice’s loss to that pink haired guy isn’t on there. How much did Dana White pay to make that fight disappear? (Complex)

After the jump, the least valuable players and coaches, Stamkos shows why he was drafted #1 and the worst video acting ever. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: It’s Saturday!

the saturdays 11The hottest UK girl group The Saturdays are in the middle of their first series of headline concerts “The Work Tour” right now. The tour also features newcomer supporting act Pixie Lott. Now that sounds like an amazing pop music experience! The physical release of The Saturdays’ latest single “Work” has finally hit the store shelves on Monday. The single has peaked at #30 on downloads alone. Can the girls finally get their first UK #1 hit?

The song is a fun track to listen to. If you missed it, you can see their hot music video here!

After the jump CW’s downward spiral continues, some movie news and Leighton Meester’s latest video (sorry guys, I’m -not- talking about this).

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Entertainment Link-Off: Good Girls Go Bad!

escala 2

UPDATED: More Transformers related randomness. Also the identity of The Stig revealed?!

Tomorrow marks the 13th season premiere of Top Gear. Now I would go on and on about how great this show is, but I’m sure Steve does a fantastic job with that already. To tie you over to the premiere, I’ll get The Mole to get you pumped up for the big episode. (Top Gear)

You might think I would keep with the TG theme by having the picture of The Stig here, but I chose to go with something else that’s big over in the UK right now. Headlining this article is the hot new UK strings quartet Escala. Their debut album hits stores this Tuesday in North America, but should you head out to the music stores to grab a copy? More on that later.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Welcome to the Dollhouse

dichen-lachman-1Since Eliza Dushku has been featured in an earlier edition of the weekend link-off, I thought I would let her Dollhouse costar Dichen Lachman headline this post. The season finale of Dollhouse airs next Friday at 9 pm on FOX (since the network decided not to air the 13th episode titled Epitaph One). While this show has little to no chance of returning next season, perhaps an uptick in viewers for the finale might help change FOX’s mind.

I know this is an “entertainment link-off”, but this first article is too good to pass up. A new Viagra rival is actually an ointment that can be rubbed onto the skin. [Insert ‘rubbing to turn something on’ joke here]. Apparently this product can lead to quicker hard-ons compared to Viagra. I guess this could generate some entertaining results. [Daily Telegraph]

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Weekend Link-Off: I Wish I Was An Ice Cream Cone


That is the luckiest ice cream cone in the world.  On either side of it are Blake Lively and Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl fame.  I might just be a fan of that show now.  More pics of them after the jump.

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The first rule of fight club: Don’t talk about fight club.  Second rule of fight club: Don’t hold it in a high school. [Dallas Morning News]

Anything the Florida Panthers can do, the Las Vegas Wranglers can do better.  Especially strippers. [Lion in Oil and Total Pro Sports]

Sydney councillor puts forward a motion to buy an MP a vibrator so she can screw herself. []

Horror movie monsters are nearly as scary as this sea monster that would make Jaws look like chihuahua. [Times Online]

The president of a soccer team you’ve never heard of does a drive-by. [The Spoiler]

Florida student gets suspended for passing gas.  I guess no one in Florida has a sense of humour. [WDBO]

I was right about Florida.  Always look both ways before getting flattened. [WFTV]

You’re not drunk or high.  There really are pink elephants. [BBC]

The truth is out there.  Or it’s near a British air force base. [Daily Telegraph]

Wow!   A flying car!  But where do you land it? [CBC]

Manny Ramirez takes time out from his non-existent spring training schedule to go cricketing. [The Australian]

Time Inc., which runs such LD go-to sites as and, will start charging for some online content. [Business Insider]

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