Entertainment Link-Off: Good Girls Go Bad!

escala 2

UPDATED: More Transformers related randomness. Also the identity of The Stig revealed?!

Tomorrow marks the 13th season premiere of Top Gear. Now I would go on and on about how great this show is, but I’m sure Steve does a fantastic job with that already. To tie you over to the premiere, I’ll get The Mole to get you pumped up for the big episode. (Top Gear)

You might think I would keep with the TG theme by having the picture of The Stig here, but I chose to go with something else that’s big over in the UK right now. Headlining this article is the hot new UK strings quartet Escala. Their debut album hits stores this Tuesday in North America, but should you head out to the music stores to grab a copy? More on that later.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Warning – Long Entry Ahead!

jessica stroup 18

UPDATE: An interesting article on the demise of politically based dramas including CW’s “Body Politic”. The executive producers are currently shopping the show around. Perhaps a “Save Body Politic” campaign should begin eh? (New York Times)

Welcome to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Headlining this article is Jessica Stroup. You may recognize her as Silver on the CW’s 90210. The show is horrendous, but I still tune in and it’s all because of her. She also had a multi-episode stint during the first season of Reaper (one of the few good shows on the CW). See, the show has its fair share of eye candy. It’s also quite funny… definitely worth checking out! While the CW decided to bury Reaper alive during the May upfronts, the show is still on hanging on through “life support” (I’m looking at you ABC Studios and whatever cable network they’re pitching it to now). For the latest updates and to find out how you can keep the show alive, click here.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Don’t Fear the Reaper

jenny wade 1Sorry, I forgot to warn you guys that the Entertainment Link-Off was cancelled last week due to volunteer commitments. Yes, I do volunteer work. Steve likes to say that I’m a great humanitarian. Anyway, Entertainment Link-Off is back this week in full force. Headlining this article is Jenny Wade. You may recognize her as Honey Pie from the “Feast” movies or as the demon with a heart Nina on “Reaper”. She is also part of the cast of the only awesome CW pilot, “Body Politic”. I had lots of trouble finding pictures of her since she’s isn’t exactly well known around the net. You guys should definitely tune into “Reaper” if you want to check out how hot she is. This picture does not do any justice.

After the jump, more on the defunct CW, movie updates, the possible revival of Firefly and the preview for Body Politic (in case you missed it).

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CW Announces Primetime Schedule for 2009/2010 Season


Update: Rick Porter writes a nice article on “Body Politic” – the best pilot you won’t see this fall season. (Zap2it).

Turns out, the rumoured schedule is true! While I do want to see the CW pick itself back up and bring back the glory days of the WB, I know that it will not happen, especially under the reigns of the current exec team. With a combination of rehashing old material, extending shows beyond their natural end, picking up bad pilots and poor scheduling, the CW continues to shoot itself in the foot. Oh Dawn… you’re really running the network to the ground. As the famous Les Grossman once said “A nutless monkey can do your job!” 

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Entertainment Link-Off: Good News, Bad News

minka kelly 3The television networks are preparing to announce their fall schedules next week. Headlining this article is Minka Kelly. The soon to be former Friday Night Lights star is set to play the lead in the new CW pilot Body Politic. Unfortunately the pilot is being overshadowed by Twilight: The Series Vampire Diaries, recycled material Melrose Place 2.0 and a scripted version of America’s Next Top Model Beautiful Life. So here I am doing another plug in hopes of generating more attention to a potentially good show, unlike the other stuff that the CW has to offer. I want the show to make it into the fall schedule because it has a great cast and it has a storyline that doesn’t involve a bunch of rich spoiled teens (also the inner VM/FNL fan is also yearning to see this)! While Body Politic isn’t generating enough buzz, the good news is that it appears people are starting to warm up to it. However, the bad news is that the CW usually makes the wrong decisions and are too stupid to realize it until it’s too late (in this case, pick up Vampire Diaries, Beautiful Life and Melrose Place 2.o instead).

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Entertainment Link-Off: The Boobtube Busts

hayden-panettiere-star-trek-01Did anyone check out the series* finale of Scrubs on Wednesday night? It was such a brilliant episode! Definitely one of the best series finales ever… assuming ABC does not extend the show for a 9th season out of desperation. Anyway, headlining the article today is Hayden Panettiere doing the Vulcan hand sign. No, she’s not in the latest Star Trek flick (that was released Thursday night), but she did appear at the premiere. The film currently sits at 96% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Perhaps J.J. Abrams did manage to revive the franchise that was declared dead after the disastrous 10th flick Star Trek: Nemesis.

Let’s start off with a very random entertainment news. Apparently Chuck Norris can still kick ass… even if it’s just a cardboard version of him! (Olivia Munn)

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CW Cancels Sunday Primetime Programming?

TV NEW SEASON CWNormally I would post a picture of someone for eye-candy purposes, but I’m doing things a little different today. The picture on the right is Dawn Ostroff, the head honcho of The CW right now. Why is there a picture of her? Well I want you to recognize the person that’s currently running a network to the ground! Yes, if you want a definition of epic fail when it comes to running a television network, look no further, she’s right there.

After a disasterous attempt to boost ratings by letting Media Rights Capital create primetime shows on Sunday night, the CW has decided to give up its Sunday lineup and focus on the five weeknights instead. Continue reading