Entertainment Link-Off: Good Girls Go Bad!

escala 2

UPDATED: More Transformers related randomness. Also the identity of The Stig revealed?!

Tomorrow marks the 13th season premiere of Top Gear. Now I would go on and on about how great this show is, but I’m sure Steve does a fantastic job with that already. To tie you over to the premiere, I’ll get The Mole to get you pumped up for the big episode. (Top Gear)

You might think I would keep with the TG theme by having the picture of The Stig here, but I chose to go with something else that’s big over in the UK right now. Headlining this article is the hot new UK strings quartet Escala. Their debut album hits stores this Tuesday in North America, but should you head out to the music stores to grab a copy? More on that later.

After the jump more robots in disguise, some TV tidbits and a Gossip Girl gone wild.

The people may finally be feeling the effects of ‘The Hangover’ as the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy ‘The Proposal’ takes the top spot at the box office on Friday night. (Box Office Prophets)

While the summer box office continues to heat up, the fall/winter movies are starting to release trailers to generate some buzz. First up is ‘Zombieland’. Yes, I’m sure we all like a good zombie flick once in a while. After seeing this, who knew that watching Woody Harrelson kicking zombie ass would be so much fun? (Collider)

Roland Emmerich is like the Michael Bay of disaster flick directors. Skim on story/acting, but huge on effects. The master of disaster is back with 2012 starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet. I’m a sucker for these types of films… I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to check it out. (Slashfilm)

While everyone waits for the release of Iron Man 2, check out the awesome Robert Downey Jr. in the latest one sheet for Sherlock Holmes. (Slashfilm)

Shonda Rhimes really likes to hold a grudge sometimes. When T.R. Knight asked to be let go from Grey’s Anatomy, she literally threw his character under a bus. Now it’s official. T.R. Knight isn’t returning. (Entertainment Weekly) I suppose it’s safe to assume that George is dead. On the bright side, at least Katherine Heigl is returning. Hurray for eye candy! I’m sure it will distract us from the fact that the series is starting to show its cracks.

It sounds like Scrubs 2.0 isn’t so bad after all. (Entertainment Weekly)

Meanwhile over in the land of The CW, the network decided to put the W-T-F into naming their new shows. Seriously, they must be high when they came up with this. (Zap2it)

The sheer stupidity of Dawn Ostroff has prompted The TV Addict to write an open letter to the network. (The TV Addict). While it was also nice that they got a response from CW Executive Vice President, Network Communications Paul McGuire (found here), it doesn’t hide the fact that network will continue to struggle for another year. The network’s ratings may go up overall next season, but keep in mind that there’s no Sunday programming to drag down the numbers.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cobra Starship’s song featuring Leighton Meester called “Good Girls Go Bad”. Now there’s news that Leighton’s sex video has surfaced! Who knew that life would be imitating art? (TMZ) Come to think of it, Gossip Girl might just get a ratings boost out of this.

Looks like Brian Austin Green is going to Smallville for a guest stint. Not exactly a step up in his career move, but sure beats being on a show that’s been extended way beyond its prime… oh wait. (E! Online)

Remember Brian Austin Green was also part of the defunct CW pilot Body Politic? Well speaking of BP, the CW has officially passed on the series. (Jenny Wade @ Youtube) That’s right, you heard it from Jenny herself, BP is dead at the CW. Since the executive producers are still shopping the show around, let’s shift the campaign focus to ABC or NBC! I know that NBC might have some scheduling issues (thanks Jay), but if Ben Silverman picks this up, he will definitely be a safe distance from being the worst network president ever!

The second season of Everwood was finally released on Tuesday. In celebration of such a wonderful event, let’s take a look at Everwood by the numbers. (The TV Addict). It warms my heart to see how the CW floundered with its replacement show(s) after cancelling this brilliant series.

Despite the fact that Conan has lower overall viewership compared to Letterman, at least he won in all the key demos! (TV by the Numbers)

Speaking of Conan, check out the amazing interview with William Shatner. It’s so good that Mr. Shatner flipped off Mr. O’Brien at the end! (NBC)

It seems like the DVR may have saved Dollhouse from cancellation! (TV by the Numbers) Nah, it’s more likely because the show was able to trim its budget and that FOX was afraid of the backlash from Whedon fans.

Ever wonder what would happen if Buffy Summers faced off with Edward Cullen? Now you get to see what happens. (zfishcake15 @ Livejournal). I love Buffy, she definitely kicks ass.

UPDATE: It might be a publicity stunt, but could Michael Schumacher be The Stig? (Daily Mail)

It seems like I’m not the only one that’s excited to see the upcoming Transformers movie… oh wait, he just wants to get closer to Megan Fox. (Deadspin) The article also mentions about the kid that tried to hand a rose to Megan. Well in this video, she apologizes for not noticing the kid with the rose. (Collider)

To build up anticipation for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Collider has the audio from the press conference in Los Angeles. (Collider)

Hmm perhaps I should just throw in a few clips to generate more buzz for the flick!


First up, some Megan Fox action.


Household appliances gone wild!


It pains me to see an Audi R8 (Sideways) go out like that, but damn Sideswipe is so badass!

Finally, more on Escala’s debut album that’s hitting stores this Tuesday. Here’s the Escala album review.

escala 4After catching the attention of the general public during Britain’s Got Talent last year, Simon Cowell snatched them up and immediately signed them to a record deal. It may be due to the fact that test talented ladies are classically trained or perhaps it’s because they are gorgeous enough to be the classical equivalent of pop acts like Girls Aloud and The Saturdays. Whatever the reason may be, Simon didn’t make a mistake here as Escala shows that they have the potential to be a successful in the music business.

Like several other Cowell acts (Paul Potts, Il Divo), they follow a simple formula of giving a new take on well-known pop hits or famous classical pieces. It’s called the ‘Simon effect’. While these girls may have the musical credentials, the ‘Simon effect’ is clearly smeared all over the record. The song selection is awfully predictable. In fact the album kicked off with the tiredly overused “Requiem for a Tower”. Also, some of the tracks like ‘Adagio For Strings’ and ‘Palladio’ have been covered by another all female strings quartet Bond.

On the bright side they did manage to shine on several tracks. Their loud string-crashing take on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ is the song to look out for. Meanwhile their cover of ‘Feeling Good’ is stylish and fun to listen to. I’ve always liked Robert Miles’ dance track ‘Children’, so it was easy to warm up to Escala’s rendition of the song. Despite the limitations imposed by Simon Cowell, Escala still manages to shine in other tracks like ‘Clubbed to Death’ and ‘Finding Beauty’.

The group’s rendition of the songs are not groundbreaking but they play each song with elegance. The song choices might lean on the safe side but the album does provide a fairly pleasant listening experience and it’s the perfect album to blast on the stereo on a nice night drive on the highway.

Highlights: Kashmir, Finding Beauty, Children, Feeling Good

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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