Entertainment Link-Off: It’s Saturday!

the saturdays 11The hottest UK girl group The Saturdays are in the middle of their first series of headline concerts “The Work Tour” right now. The tour also features newcomer supporting act Pixie Lott. Now that sounds like an amazing pop music experience! The physical release of The Saturdays’ latest single “Work” has finally hit the store shelves on Monday. The single has peaked at #30 on downloads alone. Can the girls finally get their first UK #1 hit?

The song is a fun track to listen to. If you missed it, you can see their hot music video here!

After the jump CW’s downward spiral continues, some movie news and Leighton Meester’s latest video (sorry guys, I’m -not- talking about this).

As the fall television season approaches the pilot previews and reviews are pouring in. One of the shows to look out for is NBC’s Community starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. It is a smart, snarky comedy that fits in very well in the Thursday comedy lineup. If you don’t believe me, read the pilot review! (The Futon Critic)

Life Unexpected (see how I am able to properly capitalize letters unlike The CW) is unexpectedly good! Well I guess that is good news since the same can not be said about Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries. (The Futon Critic)

Another show contributing to the CW’s horrible lineup is 90210. I love Jessica Stroup and I think she’s fantastic, (and I will continue to tune in as long as she’s in it) but this show is a sinking ship. You know the show is beyond repair when they start making questionable casting choices. Rumer Willis? Really? Also, don’t tell me that 30 year old dude is playing a high school kid! (Zap2it) Here I thought Annalynne McCord portraying a teenager was pushing it.

On the other end of the spectrum, Gossip Girl seems to be on an upswing. After a lackluster second season, they’re looking to improve things as they landed Joanna Garcia for a multi-episode arc. Now Hilary Duff is also appearing on the show! (Entertainment Weekly) Alright Mike Comrie, you now have an excuse to tune in, no one will laugh at you…

It looks like Friday Night Lights is going to end after its fifth season. Don’t worry, it is not set in stone. However, it’s not really a bad thing. Let the show end on a creative high rather than stretching it too long. (E! Online)

Yes, it’s the dog days of summer. There is a lack of scripted programming on network TV but don’t forget about the Saturday wasteland! It’s filled with scripted drama rejects! Just because people don’t tune in, it doesn’t mean they’re bad shows. The CBS event series Harper’s Island is taking the week off, but fret not, it will be back with the two hour series finale next Saturday. To build anticipation and to tie you over to the show’s endgame, let’s take a look at the best moments so far. (Zap2it)

Another sign of the TV apocalypse: cable networks are ditching their niches and are trying to grab any viewer they can get! (TV by the Numbers) Wait… Jon and Kate Plus 8 does fit the TLC since it is educational! We now know that we shouldn’t have 8 kids, marry a controlling wife or go to college parties when we’re 30. Oh who am I kidding, it’s a shit show. I think I’ll go watch American Chopper instead.

The Emmys have been a yawn fest for the past… x amount of years. They nominate the same actors and the same programs over and over again. On the brightside, Neil Patrick Harris is going to host the show this time around. I just might tune in this year. It’s going to be legend… wait for it… dary! (Variety)

The recent string of celebrity deaths have brought up many fake reports about other celebrities dying. To address all the rumours out there, Jeff Goldblum appears on the Colbert Report to confirm his own death. (Cinematical)

TO THOSE THAT LOVE MUSICALS! ‘Web Site Story’ is the must watch video of the week! (College Humor)

At the weekend box office. Looks like dinosaurs + Johnny Depp + Batman Christian Bale can’t take down those giant robots. (Box Office Prophets)

Everybody loves Michael Bay. (LA Times)

Well… almost everybody. Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay! (Olivia Munn)

Transformers star Megan Fox can be seen in the upcoming flick Jennifer’s Body. The MPAA has slapped the film with a solid R rating. Don’t get too excited guys, apparently you might not be seeing that much of her. (Slashfilm)

Speaking of Transformers. You can get your own pair of limited edition Transformers shoes. Nike is releasing three different ones that feature Soundwave, Megatron and Bumblebee. I hope the Soundwave one can transform into a tape recorder! (Collider)

This scene could have totally destroyed the Terminator franchise. (Slashfilm)

Looks like we won’t be seeing Sam Jackson kicking ass in the next Iron Man movie. (MTV)

Watch out fanboys, we just might be getting a live-action Star Wars series!!! (Sci Fi Wire)

Alright fellow nerds, rejoice! Check out the collectable items at this year’s Comic-Con! (Comic-Con)

Now we all know Avatar is going to be featured at this year’s event. Apparently 3D projectors are being installed at Hall H. Can you say “sneak preview screening”? (Coming Soon)

Chris Daughtry is doing promotional work for his band’s upcoming album Leave This Town. While this song is not on the album, he does a fantastic job with the cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.


Finally, here is the full video for Cobra Starship’s latest single Good Girls Go Bad. Yes, this music video features a fully clothed Leighton Meester.


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