Worst of Music: Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel

Normally I do a long lead in before introducing this week’s Worst of Music artist but I really wanted to like these guys. Cobra Starship did the not-at-all related song for Snakes On A Plane called, imaginatively, Snakes On A Plane (Bring It). No, the song didn’t really have anything to do with the movie but it started with the famous Sam Jackson line from the movie so it wasn’t that bad. But what happens when you have Cobra Starship and subtract Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson? You have this week’s WoM-winning You Make Me Feel. Continue reading


Entertainment Link-Off: It’s Saturday!

the saturdays 11The hottest UK girl group The Saturdays are in the middle of their first series of headline concerts “The Work Tour” right now. The tour also features newcomer supporting act Pixie Lott. Now that sounds like an amazing pop music experience! The physical release of The Saturdays’ latest single “Work” has finally hit the store shelves on Monday. The single has peaked at #30 on downloads alone. Can the girls finally get their first UK #1 hit?

The song is a fun track to listen to. If you missed it, you can see their hot music video here!

After the jump CW’s downward spiral continues, some movie news and Leighton Meester’s latest video (sorry guys, I’m -not- talking about this).

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