Entertainment Link-Off: Another One Bites the Dust

jamie chung 1This weekend at the box office is the battle of the eye candy (and maybe slasher flicks). First we have Kate Beckinsale starring in the Antarctic murder mystery Whiteout. Next up there’s Sorority Row, the remake of the 1983 horror movie The House on Sorority Row. Expect to see plenty of attractive ladies get chased and hacked by a hooded killer. Jamie Chung is part of the cast for this movie, but since she’s not the “leading girl”, I bet her character won’t make it out of this one.

Before I kick this off I would like to mention that DirecTV has announced the fourth season to Friday Night Lights will premiere on October 28th! Mark your calendars! Of course, if you’re still waiting for NBC to air it, don’t expect to get your weekly FNL fix until summer 2010.

After the jump Vampire Diaries doesn’t suck, TV is good for you and we learn about the evolution of the peace sign.

Things that make you die on the inside #4568412: Paris Hilton is in the “Oxford Dictionary of Quotations”. (Entertainment Weekly)

Since the CW is a glutton for punishment, let’s take some time to point and laugh at them. Melrose Place flopped! Rehashing 10 year old shows won’t do you any good. So about Body Politic… (Ausiello)

OMG CW has a hit! The Vampire Diaries’ ratings are bloody good (for the network anyway). I took a look at the show out of curiosity. It’s not bad, but the show isn’t captivating enough to get me to tune in every week. Plus, by the time FlashFoward premieres on ABC, I probably would have forgotten about this show anyway. I do like to point out that Nina Dobrev is quite attractive. (TV by the Numbers) There is no justice in this world. How did a show like this outdraw a more intelligent show like Supernatural?!?! Damn that blood sucking craze.

We’re only one episode in and the Vampire Diaries stars already got themselves in trouble with the law. (Zap2it)

Adrianne Palicki may not be returning to Friday Night Lights this season, but she will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of Supernatural. Here’s a sneak peek. (The TV Addict)

In anticipation of the Gossip Girl season 3 premiere on Monday, let’s have the cast spill the beans on some of the stuff coming up this season. (Buddy TV)

Apparently Hitler loves True Blood. (Entertainment Weekly)

Looking for a satisfying conclusion to Lost this season? You’re not going to get it. (Slashfilm)

Good news! TV will make you smarter! (Telegraph)

This would have been a good Inglourious Basterds poster. (Slashfilm)

Between the Ferns is one of the best web series out there. The talk show parody hosted by Zach Galifianakis contains plenty of laugh out loud moments. This episode features Charlize Theron and it is one of the best episodes yet! (Funny or Die)

What’s the best way to promote Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It? Get the lead star to make out with her! (JoBlo)

There were some disturbing reports about Pixar taking over the Ant Man movie. Fear not, Edgar Wright has debunked those rumours! (CHUD)

Speaking of Pixar, it seems like the company is not getting along with the creator of the Luxo lamp. (Slashfilm)

Let’s take a look at the 12 greatest moments in unorganized sports in film. (JoBlo)

jamie chung 2At the box office this weekend, it looks like Sorority Row is virtually ignored. Same goes for Kate Beckinsale’s latest. (Box Office Prophets)

Jamie Chung can be next seen in Zack Snyder’s action-fantasy pic Sucker Punch. I’m already looking forward to this movie and the trailer hasn’t even popped up yet. (E! Online)

Over at Rotten Tomatoes, they take a look back at slasher flick starlets. The list started off pretty good, then it went downhill pretty quick. (Rotten Tomatoes)

This won’t be enough to get me to watch the Emmys, but at least the ad featuring their latest host Neil Patrick Harris is quite awesome.


There weren’t enough of you tuning into the Supernatural premiere on Thursday night. While this wasn’t the strongest season premiere, it certainly had many highlights including a nice shout-out to those outspoken Supernatural fangirls out there.


NBC’s Community is premiering this Thursday! Take a look at this trailer if you haven’t hopped onto the Community bandwagon. HAHA ass burgers.


Finally, the boys at Wong Fu are at it again. This time they take a look at the evolution of the peace sign.


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