Sunday Link-Off: A Train Wreck

Here’s Leighton Meester. She’s not quite Blake Lively but she does have a sex tape so bonus points there.

This is easily the greatest fan rant of all time. (No Spain, No Gain) Actually, if you substitute “Grimsby Town” with “Toronto Maple Leafs,” you’d have a fairly accurate idea of how Leafs fans feel.

I don’t think that “vintage” is the right word to describe some of these wrestling promos. However, “train wreck” is right on the money. (Gunaxin)

Train wreck is also a good way to describe this list of the 50 greatest MMA dominations. Somehow, Kimbo Slice’s loss to that pink haired guy isn’t on there. How much did Dana White pay to make that fight disappear? (Complex)

After the jump, the least valuable players and coaches, Stamkos shows why he was drafted #1 and the worst video acting ever.

50 Cent and his posse have no love for guys that haven’t been shot repeatedly. Even if their name happens to be Marv Albert. (LA Times)

While we’re waiting to find out who are baseball’s most valuable players, let’s look at the Least Valuable Players in the MLB. (Joe Posnanski)

Speaking of things that aren’t valuable: coaches. They tend to be overpaid for the effect that they have on their team’s success. If you look at the Top 25 highest paid coaches in the world, you’d agree with my assessment. (Business Insider)

Anaheim Ducks fans should have open season declared on them. Niedermayer was trying to give his stick to a young girl. Instead, a riot broke out. (Deadspin)

Time lapse photography of Game 6 of the World Series? Sign me up for that one. (New York Times)

Not only does Norman Chad speak the truth about sports TV but he rewards the folks that write in to his column with cash. What’s more cool than that? (Washington Post)

A quick profile of football blogging dynamo Mike Florio of (New York Times)

The only thing more fun than screwing with Google is watching Google screw with people. Here’s some of the funniest phrases that Google associates with sports stars. (Joe Sports Fan)

You know that you’ve spent too much time watching The Simpsons when you design a real version of 742 Evergreen Terrace. (Lion’s Den University)

Today’s photo gallery is the beginning of a long line of decade retrospectives. Here’s Deadspin founder Will Leitch’s look at the year 2000. (Deadspin)

I would have opted for the shorter cut of Steven Stamkos’ ridiculous goal but you can’t go wrong with Queen.

Here’s a video montage of the Top 50 (or perhaps bottom 50) worst examples of video game voice acting. Though in some cases, the writing doesn’t help things.

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