Weekend Link-Off: I Wish I Was An Ice Cream Cone


That is the luckiest ice cream cone in the world.  On either side of it are Blake Lively and Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl fame.  I might just be a fan of that show now.  More pics of them after the jump.

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The first rule of fight club: Don’t talk about fight club.  Second rule of fight club: Don’t hold it in a high school. [Dallas Morning News]

Anything the Florida Panthers can do, the Las Vegas Wranglers can do better.  Especially strippers. [Lion in Oil and Total Pro Sports]

Sydney councillor puts forward a motion to buy an MP a vibrator so she can screw herself. [News.com.au]

Horror movie monsters are nearly as scary as this sea monster that would make Jaws look like chihuahua. [Times Online]

The president of a soccer team you’ve never heard of does a drive-by. [The Spoiler]

Florida student gets suspended for passing gas.  I guess no one in Florida has a sense of humour. [WDBO]

I was right about Florida.  Always look both ways before getting flattened. [WFTV]

You’re not drunk or high.  There really are pink elephants. [BBC]

The truth is out there.  Or it’s near a British air force base. [Daily Telegraph]

Wow!   A flying car!  But where do you land it? [CBC]

Manny Ramirez takes time out from his non-existent spring training schedule to go cricketing. [The Australian]

Time Inc., which runs such LD go-to sites as SI.com and EW.com, will start charging for some online content. [Business Insider]

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