Entertainment Link-Off: Welcome to the Dollhouse

dichen-lachman-1Since Eliza Dushku has been featured in an earlier edition of the weekend link-off, I thought I would let her Dollhouse costar Dichen Lachman headline this post. The season finale of Dollhouse airs next Friday at 9 pm on FOX (since the network decided not to air the 13th episode titled Epitaph One). While this show has little to no chance of returning next season, perhaps an uptick in viewers for the finale might help change FOX’s mind.

I know this is an “entertainment link-off”, but this first article is too good to pass up. A new Viagra rival is actually an ointment that can be rubbed onto the skin. [Insert ‘rubbing to turn something on’ joke here]. Apparently this product can lead to quicker hard-ons compared to Viagra. I guess this could generate some entertaining results. [Daily Telegraph]

After the break, Dollhouse, Chuck, some music news and the latest Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer!

Last night’s installment of Dollhouse was quite intense, but there weren’t enough eyeballs watching (TV by the Numbers). Where are you Firefly fans?! Alan Tudyk was on the show last night! It’s freakin Wash! Sometimes I wonder why people would rather watch Supernanny instead of Dollhouse. Actually… I don’t want to know… that thought scares me already. It’s suprising how an interesting concept plus eye candy and good writing doesn’t really draw viewers. I’m sure all the Chuck fans can relate.

Speaking of our favourite Nerd Herder, Variety reports that a third season of Chuck is likely; however this does not provide any reassurance until we hear actual announcement from NBC. There is another rumour that claims that NBC has narrowed it down to a decision between Medium and Chuck. I don’t know about you, but I would pick Yvonne Strahovski over Patricia Arquette anyday.

While NBC is planning on revealing their fall line-up on Monday, Chuck fans will have to wait longer to find out about the fate of the show. Various sources including a comment from Zachary Levi stated that NBC is holding back on their decision (TV by the Numbers). I suppose it’ll be a few more weeks before we can determine whether a nutless monkey should run NBC or not. With the extended wait, it’s time to make another push in the Chuck campaign. WONKA®, maker of NERDS® candies will be making a special delivery to NBC in support of Chuck! (ChuckTV)

The ratings for the NBC freshman cop drama Southland has been going south ever since it debuted three weeks ago but the network decided to give it a 13 episode order for next season anyway (The Hollywood Reporter).

Remember when Jay Leno was hospitalized for two days last week? Well it turns out that it was due to exhaustion! So who came up with the brilliant idea to have him on 5 nights a week during primetime again? (People)

It seems like Jay Leno isn’t the only one doing everything these days. Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester has landed herself a record deal and plans to have an album released this fall. (Entertainment Weekly)

To show appreciation to their fans, Coldplay announced that they will be giving out free copies of their live album LeftRightLeftRightLeft at every live show for the remainder of 2009. Ah yes, everything sounds a lot better when it’s free. (BBC)

Back to the topic of television news. Since the Chuck announcement has been delayed, no one gives a crap about NBC’s presentation on Monday, so it’s the perfect opportunity for FOX to steal NBC’s thunder. FOX has sent out invites for two conference calls that are happening at the same time as NBC’s so-called fall shows ‘infront’. The first conference call is with Alan Tudyk, who is now revealed to be Alpha on Dollhouse (it’s nice to see FOX is still promoting that show) and the second is with Ryan Murphy, the creator of the new FOX show Glee. (Zap2it)

Finally, the latest trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was released yesterday. Check out the awesomeness of robot action! Oh who am I kidding, it’s all about Megan Fox.

One last reminder to check out the season finale of Dollhouse on Friday!


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