The Humanoids: 27

You ever write something and think, “this seems controversial for the sake of controversy but this is actually what I think?” If you said yes, then you’ll get where I’m coming from in this week’s Humanoids. I wrote the first two parts of this column and immediately thought about pulling them because I thought I went too far in trying to say that Western society’s priorities are very wrong. But here we are with an uncut column. I know I’m asking for trouble but I’m not trolling here. There’s a reason why censors are nervous around here. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Wrath of the Dongslinger

Kicking off her first linkdump is Avril Lavigne. On behalf of Canada, I’m sorry for her music.

Now that the shock factor has worn off about Brett Favre’s dong pics, we have to wonder what the long-term impact of this story will be on journalism. (Sports Journalism)

Over the short-term, sports writers are ganging up on Favre and saying he should hang up his cleats and call it a career. That’s really just the status quo for sports columnists. (Slate)

And tangentially related to Favre, here’s a look behind the scenes of this week’s edition of Monday Night Football. (Star-Ledger)

After the jump, hockey awesomeness, old-time press failure and Favre getting hit by football. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Turkey Dump

Ever been the victim of the proverbial Turkey Dump? I haven’t. I’m the one that’s always doing the turkey dumping. Yes, I realize that can mean more than one thing depending on how you read it. In today’s Humanoids column, I do a turkey dump of seven dumpees that have had it coming for a long time. Of course, this is going to catch most of them off guard because they’re mostly American but it was just Thanksgiving in Canada so that’s all that matters to me. Continue reading

Brett Favre Link-Off: Favre-mageddon

Not surprisingly, to kick off the second Favre-dump, here’s Jenn Sterger.

In case you needed a reminder of the back story of the whole Favre/Sterger/Favre Dong saga, here was the original story heard around the world from two months ago. (Deadspin)

And here are the pictures of Favre dong that has started Favre-mageddon. Naturally, this is NSFW because of the photos of Favre’s little gunsligner at the end of the video. (Deadspin)

Surprisingly, the media did actually ask Favre about the pictures this time. Little did he know about the double entendre he made at his own expense. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

After the jump, more Favre fallout, the money side of the pics, and more on Sterger. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Pigskin Pickoff

For the second Sunday in a row, here’s Katy Perry. Those boys at Rolling Stone really do a good job.

Madden 11 is out this Tuesday. To get you ready for the next edition of the iconic franchise, here’s the history of the game from its start through today. (ESPN)

Regardless of whether he comes back or not, Brett Favre’s story would make a heck of a musical. Kinda like this. (New Yorker)

By the way, Terez Owens claims to have a source that says Jenn Sterger made up the Favre text story to get famous and Deadspin ran the story for page views. (Terez Owens) So running a story completely the opposite of Deadspin and loaded with Sterger pics is run solely out of the goodness of his heart?

After the jump, the science of booty calls, Darth Schwarzenegger, and the best games of the year so far. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Comeback Kids

This week’s edition of The Humanoids is about all those folks who are coming back into the public eye after some time away or are getting over some minor issues (like prison). For a couple of these folks, we don’t mind seeing them get back in the game. As for Brett Favre, we wish he’d just go away. His comeback isn’t such a welcome thing but his latest saga brought a couple of our favourites out of the woodwork. You’d know all about that from yesterday’s Favre-themed linkdump. Don’t worry, there’s lots more than Favre in today’s post. Continue reading

Brett Favre Link-Off: Pants on the Ground

Well, Brett Favre is in the news. Actually, after the last couple of days, that might be the understatement of the century. Jenn Sterger figures largely into this story.

Let’s start this linkdump with a look at how this week started. Tuesday, we got a report that Favre was going to call it a career. (FOX Sports)

Then, he decided to tell his boys as ESPN that he might comeback if his body is up to it. You know, the same body that forced him to retire the day before. (ESPN)

And here’s the story that took all the focus off Brett Favre’s latest retirement saga. Here’s the Favre dong photo story saga. (Deadspin)

After the jump, more Favre, more Sterger, and more money from the Vikings. Continue reading