Entertainment Link-Off: Op-Ed

berenice-marlohe-omega12-07Once again, I draw in for Jackie for the entertainment links. Unfortunately, this weekend is a complete wasteland. Nothing noteworthy is opening this weekend. Okay, there’s that Killing Them Softly movie starring Brad Pitt which critics like and movie goers are lukewarm on. Since I don’t think she’s been featured in a set of the entertainment links, here’s Bond girl Berenice Marlohe. Continue reading


The Humanoids: Jumping The Shark

I’m sure more than a few regular readers would say that the whole Humanoids column has jumped the shark (or is it nuked the fridge). But that means that I wouldn’t be alone because I would have a lot in the way of elite company.  Last week, I briefly touched on Twitter’s Trending Topics jumping the shark. This week, I think everything in here has jumped the shark. Continue reading

Not News: October 31, 2011

Playboy isn’t the only company with a rumoured $1 million offer on the table to Lindsay Lohan. The makers of the Fleshlight, the #1 male sex toy, have offered Lohan $1 million to make a mold of her vagina for use in a Lohan version. There are already Fleshlights modeled on porn stars Jesse Jane and Lisa Ann. Lohan’s reps say she won’t accept the offer but they accepted Playboy’s offer to do a full-frontal spread on the condition that the pictures would be tasteful. In other words, expect a Lohan Fleshlight when her money runs out.

The Humanoids: Comeback Kids

This week’s edition of The Humanoids is about all those folks who are coming back into the public eye after some time away or are getting over some minor issues (like prison). For a couple of these folks, we don’t mind seeing them get back in the game. As for Brett Favre, we wish he’d just go away. His comeback isn’t such a welcome thing but his latest saga brought a couple of our favourites out of the woodwork. You’d know all about that from yesterday’s Favre-themed linkdump. Don’t worry, there’s lots more than Favre in today’s post. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Hard Time

Today is a first for the WLO. It’s our first incarcerated leadoff girl with Lindsay Lohan who went to prison yesterday.

I said that the death of George Steinbrenner was a sad day for baseball but the death of actor James Gammon is worse. The man was the greatest movie manager in history. (With Leather)

Speaking of the Boss, does he deserve enshrinement in the Hall of Fame? (The Big Lead)

And here’s the story of a straight man playing in a gay men’s softball league. (The Good Men Project)

After the jump, more about The Decision, a Bill Murray interview, and Taiwan’s take on the iPhone. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Madness

The whole world has gone mad! Not just March Mad but generally mad. People doing ridiculous things that would be extremely newsworthy if it wasn’t for a little basketball tournament that was known as March Madness. Celebrities have gone mad. Sport organization management has gone mad. Governments have gone made. And Gus Johnson has gone mad. Oh, Gus is always that amped up? Well, that’s why we love him.

Speaking of madness, cheap radio show/podcast plug: Our 50th show to air on radio is coming up on March 30th. That’s going to display our complete and utter madness. Continue reading