Sunday Link-Off: Pigskin Pickoff

For the second Sunday in a row, here’s Katy Perry. Those boys at Rolling Stone really do a good job.

Madden 11 is out this Tuesday. To get you ready for the next edition of the iconic franchise, here’s the history of the game from its start through today. (ESPN)

Regardless of whether he comes back or not, Brett Favre’s story would make a heck of a musical. Kinda like this. (New Yorker)

By the way, Terez Owens claims to have a source that says Jenn Sterger made up the Favre text story to get famous and Deadspin ran the story for page views. (Terez Owens) So running a story completely the opposite of Deadspin and loaded with Sterger pics is run solely out of the goodness of his heart?

After the jump, the science of booty calls, Darth Schwarzenegger, and the best games of the year so far.

This link should have been before the jump but I had to put my hypocrisy claims up top. Anywho, here’s corroboration of Sterger’s Favre dong story. (Deadspin)

With StarCraft II out now, just what is the best video game of the first seven months of the year. (IGN) Sadly, I’ve played none of their picks. That’ll have to change soon.

Fun fact of the day: Booty calls have less emotion involved than one-night stands. (Salon)

David Eckstein’s wife’s new Star Wars clothing line is out. Anything to promote the cause is fine by me. (Joe Sports Fan)

The Girl Scouts have a lot of time on their hands so they want a new law in Britain to warn people of photoshopped pictures. (Gizmodo)

Apparently this Jersey Shore show is fairly popular. Turns out, though, that this show has a lot in common with the Final Fantasy game series. (IGN)

The 7th generation Corvette is expected to be mid-engined and look something like this… (Autocar) That would be a total fail.

Since I’m going to be at next week’s NASCAR weekend at Michigan International Speedway, here’s a profile on Dale Earnhardt Jr. (New York Times)

Some scientists that are much smarter than me have hooked up an old NES so you can play Super Mario Brothers with your eyes… More or less. (Wired)

Want to work on your golf game while on the throne. Try the Pot N Putt. (You Need To Get Real)

Wednesday’s linkdump featured a trailer for the Oregon Trail movie. Today, I’ve got a photo gallery of a hypothetical Alderaan Trail video game. (Picasa)

Today’s second photo gallery features scads of perfectly timed yet completely hilarious sports pictures. (The Chive)

Ken Block may be a superstar rally driver but he still handles the day-to-day like the rest of us. Except he does it in a race car.

Suppose that George Lucas didn’t cast James Earl Jones and went with a different deep-voiced actor instead. What if Arnold Schwarzenegger was the voice of Darth Vader?

And those Taiwanese CGI news animators are back at it again. It’s the saga of Lindsay Lohan complete with shower scene.

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