Wednesday Link-Off: Super Bowl Hangover

We’re back to normal on the blog. Hopefully the heat from the UWO election primer dies down. But you couldn’t expect anyone other than Rutledge supporters to be happy after than. Hopefully everyone is happy with Brooklyn Decker leading off this post.

I love Deadspin’s Asshole Digests. The Asshole Boss Digest has a lot to live up to but it’s off to a good start. (Deadspin)

Did you know that The Who were on your TV as much as live game action from the Super Bowl. There’s video proof of that. (Gawker TV) Couldn’t we just watch a Grey Cup replay instead?

It’s best you give up on mainstream websites. Their creativity in coming up with Super Bowl headlines is lacking. (Joe Sports Fan)

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The Humanoids: It’s Super

It’s Super Bowl week! We’re less than 48 hours from the kickoff of the biggest game of the year that relates to a football season that was played last year but let’s not get bogged down in technicalities. The teams are decided, the players are focused, and the coaches are preparing their troops to head into battle. That doesn’t mean that everyone and everything has been polished to perfection heading into the big game. There’s lingering questions about everyone, whether they’re in the game or not. I guess that means it’s up to me to dissect the Super Bowl in a way only the Humanoids can.

By the way, got some good feedback on the guest co-host on the latest Lowdown Extra. Check out our latest epic webisode of The Lowdown to hear him tear the house down with hilarious stories and jokes. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Pants On The Ground

Every week there are lots of people looking like fools whether or not they have their pants on the ground with the gold in their mouth and hat turned sideways. This week’s victims on The Humanoids have all looked like fools over the last week. Well, most have. I sorta tossed a whole pile of folks as looking foolish over the Conan O’Brien mess. Of course, I have to look like a fool by calling this post “Pants on the Ground.” Fortunately I don’t have any gold in my mouth… Well, not since I got that retaining bar removed. Whoever gets braces is a fool because they’re being ripped off. Sure my teeth are straighter but that bar was there for six years of annoyance. Anyway, let’s get on with the post. Continue reading