Sunday Link-Off: Burning Bridges

It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for some links. A quick FYI: Jackie’s taking over the Sunday links next week while I’m off. It also means that I won’t have an IndyCar write-up for you next week either. Granted, that terrible schedule of their’s probably deserves its own write-up.

For now, here’s Maitland Ward who you might remember from Boy Meets World and not a whole lot since.

Things have pretty well completely gone to hell in Egypt. Here’s one reporters look inside the protests where he got caught up in the violence. (The Daily Beast)

The investigation into the Rob Ford crack tape hasn’t ended. Police are looking to Ford friends who tried to acquire the tapes themselves. (Toronto Star)

Al-Qaeda tried using Twitter to solicit media tips. Well-intentioned Twitter users took the opportunity to troll them. (BuzzFeed)

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The Humanoids: Comeback Kids

This week’s edition of The Humanoids is about all those folks who are coming back into the public eye after some time away or are getting over some minor issues (like prison). For a couple of these folks, we don’t mind seeing them get back in the game. As for Brett Favre, we wish he’d just go away. His comeback isn’t such a welcome thing but his latest saga brought a couple of our favourites out of the woodwork. You’d know all about that from yesterday’s Favre-themed linkdump. Don’t worry, there’s lots more than Favre in today’s post. Continue reading

Weekend Link-Off: The Password is Epic Fail

It’s the weekend and I’ve got nothing better to do at the moment, so here’s some nice weekend reading while you wait for the World Baseball Classic games today.

Man tries to smuggle drugs into Spain using a cocaine cast. (BBC)

Ten Florida State teams will forfeit wins from the last two years for committing widespread academic fraud.  It serves them right for getting caught.  (New York Times)

In Soviet Russia, potato peels you. (Moscow Times)

The lord and master of sports blogs breaks down A-Fraud’s injury. (New York Magazine)

And while looking up an A-Fraud story on CNBC, I found a slideshow to help everyone pass the time this weekend.  After all, the best selling porn DVDs have to be worth a look. (CNBC)

One last A-Fraud story: Brian Cashman wanted to send A-Rod packing when he opted out of his contract in 2007. (New York Post)

The Yankees, Mets, and Cowboys still have seats begging for asses at their new homes. (Wall Street Journal)

Hey look!  Someone agrees with me about the WBC. (St. Petersburg Times)

And because we posted some good Wrestlemania moments earlier in the week, here’s one of wrestling’s more embarrassing moments.

I remember reading (probably on WrestleCrap) that maybe Hogan isn’t the crazy one for seeing Warrior in the mirror. After all, not only did Hogan see Warrior but so did the commentators and everyone at home. The crazy one must have been Bischoff because he is the only person in the world who didn’t see Warrior in the mirror. And people still wonder how WCW died…