Brett Favre Link-Off: Pants on the Ground

Well, Brett Favre is in the news. Actually, after the last couple of days, that might be the understatement of the century. Jenn Sterger figures largely into this story.

Let’s start this linkdump with a look at how this week started. Tuesday, we got a report that Favre was going to call it a career. (FOX Sports)

Then, he decided to tell his boys as ESPN that he might comeback if his body is up to it. You know, the same body that forced him to retire the day before. (ESPN)

And here’s the story that took all the focus off Brett Favre’s latest retirement saga. Here’s the Favre dong photo story saga. (Deadspin)

After the jump, more Favre, more Sterger, and more money from the Vikings.

What did Mr. Daulerio himself think of his major coup and was there any journalistic integrity to this story? (DailyFinance)

The gang over at The Smoking Jacket have gotten their hands on a Brett Favre cock pic. Yes, it’s safe for work. (The Smoking Jacket)

Alright, back to the possible retirement. The Vikings think that they can solve the possibility of not having a serviceable quarterback by throwing money at their outgoing QB. (Minniapolis Star Tribute)

Oddly, former NFL coach Steve Mariucci insists that Favre hates all the attention that he causes. (Pro Football Talk) Does he really think we’re that dumb?

Suppose, for a moment, that Favre doesn’t come back. Where does that leave the Vikings heading into what should be a big year? (Daily Norsemen)

Now that we have an idea what his retirement might do to the Vikings, here’s what his comeback may do to his legacy. (Sports Illustrated)

Here’s a good question that Dan Levy poses in the midst of all the Favre-ness: When is it right for the press to ignore the story? (Sporting News) The answer is when the story shows America’s hero doing very unhero-like things such as texting dong pics.

Yesterday, Buzz Bissinger linked to this story he wrote about Favre back in February. It still holds true after all this. (The New Republic)

Everyone says that Brett is just like a kid on the field. Here’s some photographic evidence of that. (Yahoo)

I can’t embed this video but here’s Brett Favre in There’s Something About Mary. (Blinkx)

If Brett does call it a day, that means we won’t have anymore renditions of Pants on the Ground.

So why is Jenn Sterger noteworthy enough to nearly single-handedly take down Favre? This would be where she got her start.

And this is what she’s been up to lately.

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