Sunday Link-Off: Media Massacre

We’ve got a pretty packed linkdump for you today. And I thought I’d be too busy with the 2012 Hottest Canadian bracket to put this post together. Okay, not really. I just wanted an excuse to plug it. In the meantime, here’s Sofia Vergara who is ineligible for our bracket because she’s Columbian.

Has Google gone completely evil? With all the changes they’re shoving down our throats, there’s a case for that claim. (Gizmodo)

The Onion is making the move from New York to Chicago but it hasn’t exactly gone over well or even very smoothly. (The Atlantic Wire)

Under the leadership of AJ Daulerio, Gawker has not only grown but become a more fun place for writers to work. (Nieman Journalism Lab)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Cold of Winter

Now that football season is over, we’re stuck in the middle of nothing right now. No good movies are going to come out for the next three months. We’re left with NBA to fill Sundays. And the racing season is still a couple of weeks away. But at least we have Reese Witherspoon to warm things up here.

The legendary William Shatner is bringing his one-man show to Broadway. He talked to Rolling Stone about his new show but sadly didn’t sing… yet. (Rolling Stone)

The FBI released their file on Apple founder Steve Jobs. It turns out that a lot of the man’s supposed friends thought he was a bit of a crook. (Gawker)

George Lucas just doesn’t get it any more. He says that Greedo always shot first but it was confused because of close-ups in the 1977 version. (Badass Digest) Not only does he not grasp dialogue but he doesn’t really understand his own characters. Now Han isn’t a badass but lucky that Greedo is the worst shot in the galaxy.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Gonna Be A Man In Motion

I have no idea who Katrina Bowden is but she’s in 30 Rock and it’s back this week so I figured it would be appropriate to lead off this post with her. I should have used a Denver Broncos cheerleader…

Dustin Penner is out with back problems. He injured himself while eating pancakes. No, I’m not making that up. (Puck Daddy)

Jerry Sandusky’s autobiography wasn’t just unfortunately named but it was unfortunately written. The book led police to more of his victim. (Deadspin)

Just in time for this weekend’s divisional playoff games, it’s a collection of Aaron Rodgers photobombing team pictures. (Aaron Rodgers Photobombs)

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The Best of Occupy Tebow (Part 2)

The revolution will not be quieted until the media has learned its lesson. The media has been hot and cold on Tim Tebow and his inconsistent performances en route to a 2-1 record as a starter this season.  For over a week now, the people have taken to the comments section on an ESPN article on Tebow ostensibly to show what they really think of Tebow but in actuality to show ESPN and the media that they cannot dictate reality but actually have to report news accurately without an agenda..

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The Best of Occupy Tebow

The revolution will not be televised but rather posted on the internet. The media has been championing Tim Tebow as a great winner and essentially promoting him as the second coming for the Denver Broncos. His first start this season was 57 minutes of poor play followed by a comeback. His second start was utter garbage. Only then the media figured out that Tebow wasn’t the be all and end all of quarterbacks. Now, the people have taken to the ESPN comments section on an anti-Tebow article to show what they really think of Tebow.

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The Humanoids: It’s Super

It’s Super Bowl week! We’re less than 48 hours from the kickoff of the biggest game of the year that relates to a football season that was played last year but let’s not get bogged down in technicalities. The teams are decided, the players are focused, and the coaches are preparing their troops to head into battle. That doesn’t mean that everyone and everything has been polished to perfection heading into the big game. There’s lingering questions about everyone, whether they’re in the game or not. I guess that means it’s up to me to dissect the Super Bowl in a way only the Humanoids can.

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