Sunday Link-Off: Wrath of the Dongslinger

Kicking off her first linkdump is Avril Lavigne. On behalf of Canada, I’m sorry for her music.

Now that the shock factor has worn off about Brett Favre’s dong pics, we have to wonder what the long-term impact of this story will be on journalism. (Sports Journalism)

Over the short-term, sports writers are ganging up on Favre and saying he should hang up his cleats and call it a career. That’s really just the status quo for sports columnists. (Slate)

And tangentially related to Favre, here’s a look behind the scenes of this week’s edition of Monday Night Football. (Star-Ledger)

After the jump, hockey awesomeness, old-time press failure and Favre getting hit by football.

If you’re on Twitter, you probably know how Bill Simmons kinda sorta revealed rumours about the Randy Moss trade. Well, here’s his story about the accidental tweet heard ’round the NFL. (ESPN)

Different hockey enforcers have different ways to get their point across. James Wisniewski tells you to suck a dong(slinger). George Parros flicks your face. (Tirico Suave)

From hockey awesomeness to something that definitely isn’t. Canada’s next contribution to Hollywood is a hockey musical. I weep for humanity simply because it was produced. (Food Court Lunch)

If you want a hockey musical, it should be a little closer to what Slash did for the Kings earlier this week. (Life In Hockeywood)

And ever wonder about some of the tricky nuances of the NHL’s salary cap? Pittsburgh’s Eric Tangradi was sent to the ECHL for about 12 hours before getting called up again in order to exploit the injury exception caused by Jordan Staal. That’s the short story anyway. (The Hockey Writers)

People can bitch all they want about how Daulerio and Deadspin handled dong-gate, they at least did some research. The Miami Herald was duped by a couple of guys in face paint. (Thunder Treats)

Coming soon to a US cable station near you: Undercover Karaoke by Funny or Die. (Business Insider)

Final Fantasy XIII was a unique entry in the series for me because I just couldn’t really get into it. I guess Mass Effect ruined JRPGs for me. Anyway, here’s the back story of what went wrong with FF13. (Gamasutra) So when’s ME3 coming out?

Coming soon to an iPhone near you: Mike Tyson the mobile game. Punch Out’s back. (Mashable)

Some men in lab coats decided to investigate why airplane food sucks so much. It turns out that it doesn’t really suck as much as we thought. (BBC)

Let’s send it to the requisite YouTuberry with a collection of the greatest sports calls of all time. (Joe Posnanski)

Those Taiwanese CGI news folks are back at it. They’ve just released a video about the old dongslinger’s latest saga.

I believe this video is a demonstration of what the Buddhists call karma.

What happens when a printer company borrows a concept from Top Gear and races their new printer against an Ariel Atom around a race track? Something more cool than you’d expect from a tech commercial.

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