Wednesday Link-Off: News Effect

Another Wednesday, another set of links. It’s been a busy week here at Lowdown HQ and business will only pick up from here. For now, here’s Nina Agdal.

With a big story like the Aurora theatre shootings, it’s very easy for the media to screw up coverage. The British print media definitely dropped the ball. (The New Statesman)

It looks like the days of SEO causing people write to chase links rather than write in English may be coming to an end. (Forbes)

Here’s an in-depth look at what went wrong with Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios and why the video game developer went bankrupt. (Boston Magazine)

After the jump, the CFL returns to America…n TV, a sudden plethora of celebrity sex tapes and some Mass Effect 3 loose ends. Continue reading


The Humanoids: Comeback Kids

This week’s edition of The Humanoids is about all those folks who are coming back into the public eye after some time away or are getting over some minor issues (like prison). For a couple of these folks, we don’t mind seeing them get back in the game. As for Brett Favre, we wish he’d just go away. His comeback isn’t such a welcome thing but his latest saga brought a couple of our favourites out of the woodwork. You’d know all about that from yesterday’s Favre-themed linkdump. Don’t worry, there’s lots more than Favre in today’s post. Continue reading

Sex Tapes That Should Never See The Light Of Day

News leaked around this time last week that another celebrity sex tape was being shopped around to the various internet porn distributors. Unlike some of the more interesting sex tapes of recent years rumoured to be out there like Paris Hilton, Leighton Meester or Keeley Hazeel, this one was of Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. It be pretty hard to think of sex tapes that would sell less copies than that. Hell, I think the number of illegal downloads would be minimal because no one would want to see that.

However, I don’t know if this is the last sex tape that the world needs to see, though it certainly is up there. There are other sex tapes that should never be made or be released for public consumption. Continue reading