24 Hours of Le Mans: Bittersweet Victory

le-mans-2013-audi-2-victoryThe battle between Audi and Toyota for the overall victory was expected to come down to the difference between Audi’s raw pace and Toyota’s superior range on a tank of fuel. What it came down to, as it so often does at Le Mans, was luck and reliability. The #2 Audi of Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish and Loic Duval had the best luck and speed on the day’s worth of racing and picked up the win in the biggest event in sportscar racing.

Sadly, the win for Audi and the epic battle between Audi and Toyota was overshadowed by the first death in the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 1986 when GTE Am Aston Martin of Allan Simonsen died after a crash early in the race.

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24 Hours of Le Mans: Diesel-Electric Boogaloo

Heading into the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most hotly anticipated battle was between Audi and Toyota to determine who would be the first hybrid car to win the famed endurance race. Unfortunately for Toyota, the battle never materialized. As the hybrid Audi R18s stormed off into the distance, both Toyotas collided with traffic resulting in abrupt ends to their challenge.

In the other classes, attrition and luck seemed to the biggest factors behind the GTE category outcomes. The AF Corse Ferrari 458 was the last of many cars to lead the race in GTE but it’s the last car to lead the race is the most important. While Corvette couldn’t keep it together in GTE Pro, the Larbre Competition operated Corvette C6 was able to pick up the win in GTE Am. In LMP2, the rookie entrant Starworks Motorsport backed up their in their maiden 12 Hours of Sebring with a class win in Le Mans. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Pants On The Ground

Every week there are lots of people looking like fools whether or not they have their pants on the ground with the gold in their mouth and hat turned sideways. This week’s victims on The Humanoids have all looked like fools over the last week. Well, most have. I sorta tossed a whole pile of folks as looking foolish over the Conan O’Brien mess. Of course, I have to look like a fool by calling this post “Pants on the Ground.” Fortunately I don’t have any gold in my mouth… Well, not since I got that retaining bar removed. Whoever gets braces is a fool because they’re being ripped off. Sure my teeth are straighter but that bar was there for six years of annoyance. Anyway, let’s get on with the post. Continue reading

F1 Off-Season Fallout: Back To The Future

The 1970s is informally referred to as the kit car era of Formula One. That was a time where most of the grid was running the Cosworth DFV V8 and a Heyland transaxle (gearbox, differential, and drive axle all in one). Only BRM and Ferrari weren’t running that combination in their cars. Over thirty years after the end of the kit car era, it looks as though we could be heading straight back to that. With the recent withdrawals of Honda, BMW, and Toyota, and the rumoured withdrawal of Renault, we could be headed back to kit car era. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: General Oddities

06_maria-sharapova_21Starting on Sunday, we’re adding a third link-off to the weekly lineup. Imaginitively, we’re thinking of calling it “Sunday Link-Off”. But first, this is Maria Sharapova who was sadly bumped from the French Open. After the jump, the coolest mayor in the world.

Teenagers are using hugs as a greeting. Naturally, parents are worried that these are public displays of affection and will lead to groping and other lewd behaviour. (New York Times) As an aside, I always found hugging to be an odd greeting. Will I turn one down? No, but I’m fond of the sharp nod and/or a quick twitch of the eyebrows as a greeting.

In honour of the Stanley Cup Finals, here are the top ten stories involving the grandest prize of them all. (Real Clear Sports)

For just over €7500, you can own your very own F1 race car. (F1 Fanatic) Some assembly required. Does not include engine, cooling unit, fuel tank, wheels, tires, electronics, or suspension. But it’s still a good deal.

I’ll take irony for 200: A Canadian think tank that was looking into changing Canadian copyright laws has withdrawn its reports on intellectual property. It turns out that they plagerised parts of their report from an American lobby group. (Globe & Mail)

They’re brothers from other mothers and (apparently) different political parties. Or at least that’s what Dubya called Bill Clinton when the two were together in Canada. (Yahoo/AP)

Silvio Berlusconi, your favourite world leader, is up to some of his old tricks. Now he’s promising cruises and sea-side vacations for those left homeless by last month’s Italian earthquake. (FOX News)

A word to soccer fans in Nigeria: It’s not worth cheering for any team. A Nigerian Manchester United fan ran down and killed four Barcelona fans after the game of the century. (BBC)

The war on Scientology has a new ally: Wikipedia. (The Register)

Sergio Garcia has been voted prom queen. Not that Sergio Garcia, an L.A. high school student of the same name. (InGameNow)

We’ve all (or most of us) seen the McCafe ads on TV. Well, it turns out that McDonald’s grand plan involves more than fancy coffees designed to destroy Starbucks. It involves whole chain of McCafe coffee shops to destroy Starbucks. (Daily Telegraph)

Just because he’s in full riot gear doesn’t mean this Roman police officer didn’t have a good time after the Champions League final. (Deadspin)

The latest in Microsoft’s series of epic failures is their new search engine, Bing. You’ll love the story behind the name. Talk about trying too hard. (New York Times)

Wait, here’s another one. In what will likely be the most controversial game ever, an ex-Guantanamo Bay is helping to develop a game based on the prison camp. Bad news for Microsoft is that it’s being developed exclusively for the XBox 360 and Windows. (Kotaku)

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Formula 1: FIA Rules Diffusers Legal

The FIA International Court of Appeal has ruled that the diffusers run by Brawn GP, Williams, and Toyota are legal.  The reasons for the decision haven’t been handed down as of writing but this means that the three teams will be able to race this weekend in China. Continue reading

Formula 1: How Does a Diffuser Work?

Tomorrow, the whole Formula One season will be turned on its head.  Either six cars from Brawn GP, Williams, and Toyota will have their controversial diffusers found illegal which will cause them to be disqualified from the first two rounds of the world championship or they will be deemed legal forcing the other seven teams to play catch-up.

So before we get to Tuesday’s game changing meeting of the international court of appeal, I thought I would be a good idea to look at how a diffuser works on an F1 car and why the solutions the three teams under protest have developed are so far ahead of the competition. Continue reading