Wednesday Link-Off: On The One Hand…

Making her blog debut is Keeley Hazell, one of Britain’s finer exports.

On the one hand, I agree that a social media certification is odd. On the other hand, if it opens me another door… (The Future Buzz)

Again, on the one hand, I like that somebody’s finally un-fucked up Sony’s fucked up decision to remove PS2 compatibility from the PS3. On the other hand, I’d likely fuck up trying this. (BBC) Also figures that someone would figure this out after I invest in a far number of PS3 games.

And on the one hand, dating a porn star is every guy’s dream. On the other hand, I’m sure there a lot more than 8 reasons why it would be a bad idea. (Guyism)

After the jump, Brett Favre, Tiger Woods, both at the same time, and a Grand Fork-up.

Good news: Today’s kids will be smarter football players thanks to Madden NFL video games. That means Brett Favre’s daughter will learn not to throw across her body while running away from her receiver. (Wired)

What happens when the pranker becomes the prankee? That’s something that a Kansas high school will have to figure out pretty damn fast. (FOX 4 KC)

More on Tiger? Haven’t we had enough? Well, if you’re looking for more details on how Tiger got found out and pummelled, here’s the story for you. (Daily Beast)

And it turns out that two of sports’ most polarizing guys are now involved in the same story. Tiger’s wife Elin is staying the Favre family ranch while Tiger is in sex rehab. (SportsByBrooks)

The term “off-road bike racing dog” might not be entirely accurate. Mostly because the dog is only slowing things down. (Deadspin) Still, the dog’s probably a better driver that Dale Jr.

Bad news: The US won’t be lifting the ban on the importing of haggis. Actually, that’s probably good news. (BBC)

This makes perfect sense. The New York Times blames Conan’s fans for his cancellation. Can’t just blame the network like everyone else. (New York Times)

Speaking of media jumping, Apple is trying to folks to dive head-first into tablet computers. As if Mac’s didn’t cost enough, now there’s this added to the cost. (New York Times)

Sometimes sports writing comes dangerously close to toeing the line of slash fiction. Would it surprise you that the latest example involves a story about Brett Favre. (Deadspin)

Today’s first photo gallery is one to warm the hearts of nations. It’s the 10 worst moments of Brett Favre’s career. (Sports Illustrated)

And the second photo gallery is one to cool the hearts of nations… Mostly because the GDP of those nations is less than what the Top 25 players in the NFL are paid. (Business Pundit)

The City of Grand Forks: Offering innovative solutions to problems that should have never existed in the first place since… Whenever they got on the map.

And you thought all they did in Russia was fight in giant line brawls. The only thing is that he’ll never score a goal like that ever again.

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