Wednesday Link-Off: A Voice from the Past

olivia-wilde-oscars16-03Joining yours and mine. Adding up the layers of harmony. And so it goes, on and on… Final Fantasy fans know how that one finishes. I’ve had a long day writing before writing this post and could really use Square Enix hustling the FF9 PC release out the door. It would be nice to unwind with a game that I absolutely love. It’s like they’re Blizzard with the Soon™ release date.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Olivia Wilde.

You can call them Generation Y’ers. You can call them Millennials. But you can definitely call them worse off than the generations the preceded them. (The Guardian)

The Washington Post is backing Hilary Clinton. Well, it appears that way after they ran 16 stories that are perceived to be negative towards Bernie Sanders. (

The German Vice-Chancellor said that Donald Trump is a “threat to peace and prosperity.” When one of the leaders of the free world says that, people may just listen. (International Business Times)

Could last week’s fight between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney be the biggest sign yet of a massive schism in the GOP that could cripple it come election time? (LA Times)

As bad as the GOP (and most others) is making Trump out to be, Ted Cruz could actually be worse. (Esquire)

We won’t see it in the general election but Fox News very nearly gave us Trump vs. Sanders during the primaries. (Mediaite)

So last week’s story about Americans googling how to move to Canada is going beyond simple googling. Americans are actually calling immigration lawyers in Canada. (Ottawa Citizen)

If you thought that Russia’s “LGBP propaganda” laws were bad, China is trying to match them with their own laws about similar matters. (The Guardian)

A teacher in South Carolina was forced to resign after a student found nude photos of her on her phone and distributed them to other students. It took a while but the student was charged for it. (Ars Technica)


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