Sunday Link-Off: Fight It Out

olivia-wilde-marieclaire-05Here’s Olivia Wilde. You can understand why Megan Fox would strangle a mountain ox to be with her.

Christiano Ronaldo is now a fan favourite of Man United fans. They got all that money for him and now he’s down with an injury… Caused by a sorcerer… Hired by Paris Hilton… You just can’t make this shit up. (The Spoiler)

Have we mentioned that the CBC has ripped off “Dancing with the Stars”? It’s called “Skating with the Stars” “Battle of the Blades” where retired hockey goons jump and twirl while beating the shit out of each other or something. (Deadspin)

Brock Lesnar isn’t what we thought he was. I think his next opponent will find out that taking a shot from a steel chair would be preferable to what will happen in the octagon. (Yahoo Sports)

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