Wednesday Link-Off: Back To Business

So Comic Con is over. The NFL lockout is over. CM Punk’s absence from the WWE seems to be over. And Olivia Wilde is starring in a movie that doesn’t look that good. It looks like everything is back to normal.

The NFL lockout is over. I guess we have the NBA which is locked out with their cocks out. (Literally in the case of Ron Artest.) Anyway, CBS casts the inevitable NFL lockout movie. (CBS Sports)

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox is going to be making an ESPN movie. They’ve purchased the movie rights to the ESPN book. (Deadline)

Sources say that there is a non-salary cap and non-temporary insanity reason for Philly trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. Apparently, they partied too hard. Multi-millionaires in their 20s partying? Well, I’d never! (Philadelphia Daily News)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Strolling On

Leading off today’s linkdump is Jennifer Love Hewitt. That being said, let’s ignore the craptacular movie whose premier she’s attending here.

They track stats of everything in baseball so it should come as no surprise that someone also tracks how long it takes a player to trot after a home run. One fighter dominates this category. (Wezen Ball)

How do you get fired from your teaching job in Mississippi? Get body slammed by a student. (Dr. Saturday)

Madison Square Garden is undergoing a retrofit soon. Some of the ideas are a bit out there, though. (New York Post)

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Sunday Link-Off: Fauxcoming Weekend

lacey-chabert1After my first day off from blogging in almost three weeks, here’s Lacey Chabert.

This weekend was “Fauxcoming” at Queen’s University which is a student initiated replacement for proper Homecoming. In fact, it’s an idea that we championed on the radio show to protest the end of Homecoming. Anyway, Neate Sager takes an in-depth look at Homecoming and the issues around it. (The CIS Blog)

The Queen’s Journal also had a live blog of the Fauxcoming party on Aberdeen Street. Am I the only one that thought a car being flipped was just a case of “boys will be boys”? The guy got an insurance payout and a donation from the students. He benefitted from that. (Queen’s Journal)

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell may be a multi-time UFC champion but he’s no hot foot on the dance floor. Football and MMA insider Jay Glazer went behind the scenes with The Iceman for his Dancing With The Stars experience. (FOX Sports)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Jumping Ship

caroline-wozniacki-1Continuing our US Open hotties series, here is Caroline Wozniacki. If anyone can end Oudin’s run, it has to be her.

Danica Patrick may be running the IRL full-time next year but she’s looking at switching to NASCAR sooner rather than later. (ESPN)

Speaking of jumping ship, David Beckham might be bailing on the LA Galaxy and AC Milan to become an investor in the Montreal Impact’s bid to join the MLS. (Globe & Mail)

Michael Wilbon of Washington Post and Pardon The Interruption fame has jumping on the internet bandwagon. Now, he’s writing a blog for the Post. (The Big Lead)

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The Humanoids: Return To Regular Service

After last week’s left turn into the world of NASCAR, we return to regular ranting on The Humanoids. At least, for the most part. I have a small correction from last week that I need to make thanks to my own first-hand research. Anyway, I’d like to say that there is one big over-arching theme to this week’s column but I don’t think there is. Maybe shooting yourself in the foot is the theme of this week’s column. I think you can thread that through most of the victims of my occasionally comic rantings. Some more literally than others.

By the way, no new news on the radio show front. It’s coming back soon, though. I hope. Still no word from CHRW about keeping us in their lineup. I’m a little concerned but I’m not going to lose any sleep. After all, a good internet podcast can help make the blog better. However, I doubt it could get us as many page views as Gina Carano has over the last week. Good news is that we’re now being followed by Fanshawe and UWO on Twitter. That’s gotta count for something. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: A Hive of Scum and Randominity

january-jones-gq-1January Jones is not described accurately by the title of this post. Though I would imagine that her Emmy-nominated show, Mad Men, could be described as such.

It’s always nice to make fun of people you know who have the same name as porn star. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be as fun for you if you were a well known public personality. (Mediaite)

Speaking of porn, there might be a video tape to that effect of MMA superstar Gina Carano. We could be talking about the highest selling sex tape of all time. (Cagewriter)

Keeping with the theme of nudity, ESPN superstar reporter and blogosphere favourite Erin Andrews was filmed naked in her hotel room though the peephole. Bloggers (including yours truly) and oglers fail to see the humour. (Deadspin: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) I’ll have more on this story on Friday with my Humanoids column.

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