Wednesday Link-Off: The Media of Failure

olivia-wilde-shape15-01It’s not just the politics of failure that have failed. It’s the news media of failure that has failed as well. Try as everyone might to make it work again, they have a long way to go to get there. If only they could fail at being failures but it seems as though politicians and the news media can only get failure right.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. To change things up, let’s kick this off with Olivia Wilde.

There’s always more on the Brian Williams situation but he was just the biggest face of the ongoing self-destruction of NBC News under Comcast’s ownership. (Vanity Fair)

A report on Rolling Stone’s University of Virginia rape story had shown a systematic failure of their reporting and editorial processes. (NPR)

Inside the strange money-making world of Twitter parody accounts. I can’t believe that’s a thing. (Vice)

Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign announcement has been blocked on YouTube after a ContentID match on the music he came out to. It’s not just Let’s Players who are being victimized by ContentID. (Washington Post)

Technology problems aside, Rand Paul’s campaign may run into a road block in his home state of Kentucky. The government programs he’s running in opposition to are keeping the state afloat. (Think Progress)

So what is Derek Jeter up to in retirement? He only started a player-written sports magazine and a book publisher. So not too much. (New York Times)

Heading out to the ballgame and not looking to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack? Try these ballpark foods instead. You won’t care if you never get back. (The Guardian)

North Yorkshire Police have ended their investigation into the Jeremy Clarkson fracas without charges being pressed. (BBC News)

Price is Right model (or whatever they call them now) Manuela Arbelaez accidentally helped a contestant win a new car and called it the biggest mistake in show history. 1) I doubt it. 2) I’m surprise Drew didn’t turf her. (New York Daily News)

NBC Universal is going to move WWE SmackDown from Syfy to USA to help boost their rating for the purposes of marketing it as the #1 channel on cable. (Variety)

Only one video to close this post out. It’s the half-hour feature segment from this week’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This week’s topic was US government surveillance on their own citizens.


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