Sunday Link-Off: Going, Going, Jian

rashida-jones-kate-hudson-olivia-wilde-courageawards14-01One week later and the Jian Ghomeshi scandal hasn’t really died down. In fast, if you’re Jian, it’s getting worse because your statement said it was one jilted ex-girlfriend but it’s now accusations from 10 different women. Maybe the CBC made the right call on this one. Considering how badly they botched the NHL deal, they were due to get something right.

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday set of links. For something a little special, here are Rashida Jones, Kate Hudson and Olivia Wilde.

In the last few days, four more women have come forward with allegations about sexual violence and/or harassment by Jian Ghomeshi. One of them, an actress on Trailer Park Boys, has put her name to the accusation. (Toronto Star)

CBC Radio had an interview with a women about Ghomeshi on their flagship evening show, As It Happens. She detailed her time with Ghomeshi and, as we’ve come to expect, it’s not pretty. (The Globe and Mail)

Lawyer Reva Seth took to the internet to tell her story of Jian Ghomeshi. (Huffington Post)

And the woman in the original Star article who said that Ghomeshi told her that he wanted to “hate fuck” her told the Post her story. (National Post)

The Globe and Mail looks inside the meetings at the CBC that determined Ghomeshi’s fate. They also mention that his PR firm has abandoned him since in the last couple of days. (The Globe and Mail)

The shocking thing about all these Ghomeshi revelations is that his behaviour has been something of an open secret in Toronto for years. (Nothing in Winnipeg)

If there’s a one thing that the Ghomeshi scandal has taught us, it’s that discourse about sexual violence is still broken. (Torontoist)

Most lawyers think that Jian’s lawsuit isn’t going to get him very far. However, it does give him carte blanche to get a statement on the public record that’s free from legal recourse. (Financial Post)

And here’s an explanation of Ghomeshi’s PR strategy and how it worked in the early days of the scandal. (MacLean’s)

While we’re talking about Jian Ghomeshi in Canada, Bill Cosby is going through his own scandal in America. (Salon)

The 27 Club is something that gets brought up every time a celebrity dies young. However, is it a real pattern or a media construct? (Wall Street Journal)

Did you know that Hello Kitty has been around for 40 years? (Gawker)

How bad is the WWE Network doing? Well, the WWE is trying to boost numbers by making November a one-month free trial and dropping the six-month commitment so every month is $9.99 regardless of commitment. Say goodbye to your WrestleMania buy rate. Didn’t think this one through too well Vinny Mac. (With Spandex)

Stephen Colbert revealed that his final time behind the desk of the Report is December 18th. Set your DVRs. (WSJ)

It’s time for a new OSW Review. This time, Jay and V1 review the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. One of those words was applicable.


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