Sunday Link-Off: Playing Favourites

olivia-wilde-marieclaire13-05It’s the end of a long week of writing. From Monday to Friday, we posted over 9,000 words. Doing a thorough week of blogging is a bit tiring so I’ll apologize in advance if next week is a bit quieter. However, we have the F1 race recap (assuming that it didn’t get rained out overnight while I was asleep) and a new gaming column coming up this week. I’m hoping to get a review for The Showdown Effect done this week too.

Right, you’re not here to hear me ramble on about blog stuff. Since Jackie didn’t feature her yesterday, here’s Olivia Wilde.

What is the Republicans’ game with the sequester? They’re actually looking to cut any specific thing. They just want cuts, wherever they may come from. (Think Progress)

Watch out, celebrity tweeters. The Federal Trade Commission is thinking about cracking down on paid ads that you post on Twitter. (Wall Street Journal)

Cardinal Bergoglio came from absolutely nowhere to become Pope Francis. After Cardinal Ratzinger won the Papacy as the favourite the last time out, you’d be forgiven if you thought that the favourite winning was the norm. However, it’s really the exception and long shots winning are the norm. (FiveThirtyEight)

Donald Trump kicked off Friday’s action at the conservative CPAC convention. To say he spoke to a small audience would be a wild and dangerous understatement. (New York Magazine)

Dan Wetzel looks at the effect that the rape trial against two high school football players has affected the town of Steubenville. As someone whose hometown is split (though not nearly to this extent) over sexual assault charges involving players from the local OHL team (the Soo Greyhounds), I understand that these events have an oddly divisive effect on the town. I would have thought everyone wouldn’t blame the victim but here we are talking about people entertaining that notion. (Yahoo Sports)

Earlier this week, it was reported that Blake Geoffrion decided to retire after suffering a depressed skull fracture during an AHL game during the lockout. Nothing’s official yet but let’s take a look at what a depressed skull fracture is and what that means for a player like Geoffrion. (Backhand Shelf)

Bill Walton is the best. During a recent broadcast on ESPN, he made a joke about Ray Lewis’ murder charge and Bill Simmons’ Twitter suspension. The man’s a hero. (Deadspin)

Speaking of ESPN suspensions, you’d be amazed how inconsistent their personality discipline policies are. Actually, it’s not surprising. They’re playing favourites. (The Big Lead)

It’s the home stretch on the road to WrestleMania 29. So who has the upper-hand according the unwritten laws of pro wrestling. (The Masked Man)

Vulture’s sitcom bracket has led us to the inevitable matchup of the 90s two best sitcoms. So which show is better: The Simpsons or Seinfeld? (Vulture)

We now have definitive proof that no one hates Jennifer Lawrence. Not even the worst of the worst hate groups hate Jennifer Lawrence. (Vice)

And now, no one likes Taylor Swift anymore. Even Jeopardy is taking shots at her. (Warming Glow)

Tim Kitzrow, AKA the NBA Jam announcer, does his thing and calls 2013’s best dunks.

Okay, so this isn’t entirely real (what viral video is), but this video of Jeff Gordon and a stunt driver scaring the shit out of an actor is pretty cool.


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