Wednesday Link-Off: WOW!

olivia-wilde-gq09-2Speaking of things that make you go “WOW,” here’s Olivia Wilde.

Bill Simmons is on my daily “Must Listen” list. Sadly, while listening to the Subway Fresh Take Hotline, I’ll miss his Miller Lite Great Call of the Week. (Slate) By the way, we have a radio show (slash podcast) that is offering cheap advertising opportunities though I can’t technically sell ad time. I can sell ad time and naming rights to Lowdown Extra, though.

Folks that know me know that I’m a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. If the big win over Notre Dame wasn’t big enough, it was even sweeter when I found out what Tate Forcier’s big concern was before the game. (Sports Illustrated)

If he didn’t win his first professional game, this article about Jets QB Mark Sanchez would have made him the laughing stock of the NFL. (NY Daily News)

After the jump, the only team that the Detroit Lions could hope to beat, Kanye West is a jackass, and the best play/call from the NFL’s Week 1.

For those of you who thought that the 2008 Detroit Lions were the worst team to ever play football, I introduce the 2009 Texas College Steers. Actually, a game between the two teams would probably be pretty close. (Fanhouse)

Are those Sunday afternoons lacking a little something? Well search for it no more. Just follow this handy guide to an NFL drinking game. (Pacman Jonesin’)

If your Monday afternoons are lacking something, Deadspin has another series of great stories. This time, it’s great tailgating stories. (Deadspin)

The CFL has to be one of the most friendly leagues in the world. First, there was the Edmonton player that chased and tackled a purse snatcher. Now, a Saskatchewan fan single-handedly put out a bus fire. (CBC)

Unlike most cars that I just want in my life, this car I need in my life. (Top Gear)

Netflix is trying to update its business model for those of you who fear going to the mailbox because it might contain bills. (NPR)

Today’s photo gallery is a look at the 10 weirdest eBay auctions in the history of the world. (Daily Telegraph)

As a preface to the next video, here’s what Barack Obama thinks of Kanye West. (Politico)

That Kanye is an evil bastard. First, he ruins Taylor Swift’s big night at the MTV VMAs. Then, he interrupted a Barack Obama speech. When will his madness end?

If I could do my radio play-by-play career over, I would try to be more like Gus Johnson.


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