Wednesday Link-Off: Running the Country with Twitter

jennifer-lawrence-vanityfair16-01I know the title is only a quote from China’s equivalent to Twitter but that comment does feel a little on the nose. I mean, Team Trump took away his Twitter in the dying days of the Presidential campaign fearing what he would write on it. In the midst of his transition, I’m sure there are diplomats and folks at the State Department hoping that they’d take Trump’s phone away again.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Jennifer Lawrence.

The Canadian Supreme Court is weighing a BC Court decision that could have international internet implications. A BC Court ruled that an injunction preventing a website from appearing on Google search results extended beyond and should apply worldwide. The Supreme Court has to determine the reach of the Canadian legal system on the internet. (Toronto Star)

Edward Snowden isn’t missing the irony of President-Elect Trump considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State. Snowden says that Petraeus leaked more highly classified info than he did. (Yahoo News)

A German nuclear fusion reactor actually works which could change the future of clean energy. (Science Alert)

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Sunday Link-Off: Death and Taxes

jennifer-lawrence-harpersbazaar16-01As I’m writing today’s links, I’m watching the F1 Spanish Grand Prix. Tomorrow’s write-up will be pretty good considering all that’s happened during this race. All Formula One needed to make things interesting was to get the Mercedes out of the way. Granted, we already knew that but it certainly a refreshing race.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. Since there’s another X-Men movie coming soon, let’s kick things off with Jennifer Lawrence.

Donald Trump isn’t going to release his tax returns until November. That’s kinds of a big deal. (Vox)

Are the media the ones to blame for Bernie Sanders’s populist movement failing next to Trump/Clinton’s elitist? (Salon)

Speaking of unreleased documents, Hilary still hasn’t released her Wall Street speeches. (Death and Taxes)

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Man Lab Showdown: Emilia Clarke vs. Jennifer Lawrence vs. Candice Swanepoel

For the first time, the Man Lab is going to help the world settle the age-old question of which hottest woman in the world is actually the hottest woman in the world. With various outlets claiming that their readers have picked the definitive winner, we’re going to settle the matter with a Man Lab Showdown three-way dance.

In one corner is the AskMen’s most desirable woman, among several dozen other titles on Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke. In the second corner is FHM’s sexiest woman in the world, and twice Man Lab Showdown champion, Jennifer Lawrence. And, finally, the folks at Maxim were able to sign Candice Swanepoel to a photo shoot as their hottest woman in the world. That’s better than they usually do.

Hit the jump for the photos and poll.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Of Misogyny and Oscar-Hosting Men

I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve dropped my former trademark “after the jump” that I’ve been using on link-offs for the last four years. I felt like it was time to just drop it and let the links and my commentary speak for themselves. So, let’s kick this post off with Jennifer Lawrence telling us what she thinks of Seth MacFarlane.

What was the big story of the Oscars? That would be the terrible and sexist hosting job by Seth MacFarlane. (The New Yorker)

Before you say that Amy Davidson thought MacFarlane was terrible because she was a woman, men also thought MacFarlane was horrible. (World’s Most Famous Man)

Who doesn’t love hearing about Manti Te’o’s hoax? Maybe I’m just saying that because I hate Notre Dame. Anyway, here’s Deadspin boss Tommy Craggs talking about the story… Again… (Sports Journalism)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Feast of Fiction

The moment is here! The highly anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games has finally hit theatres! If you’re not already out at the movies, then take some time to check out the latest ELO here. Kicking it all off with the film’s star Jennifer Lawrence.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Newsbeat

We’ve actually got some news links to cover in today’s linkdump. Since I don’t actually have anyone in the news to kick off the post with, let’s just go with Jennifer Lawrence who’s in a new movie opening this weekend.

I didn’t think the old saying “love conquers all” included the NHL’s Battle of Ontario. But there was a wedding proposal in Saturday’s edition as a woman proposed to her girlfriend. And the fact that they were cheered and the NHL put a video on their website shows that hockey just might be one of the most progressive major sports in the world. (Puck Daddy)

Why has Tiger Woods’ golf game gone downhill since 2008? Well, it might have less to do with his action on the side as it does with his obsession with the Navy SEALs. (New York Times)

The Obama Administration calls it a war against al-Qaeda. The Republicans call it a war on terror and radical Islam. Guess whose name for the conflict hurt Osama bin Laden’s cause more. (Slate)

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Man Lab Showdown: January Jones vs. Jennifer Lawrence

For our second Man Lab showdown, we have a battle of the X-Women that star in this weekend’s X-Men: First Class. This First Class battle pits one of TV’s established stars against one of Hollywood’s up and coming stars. In one corner is Hollywood’s latest sweetheart and Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence. In the other is veteran actress and Emmy nominee January Jones.

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Sunday Link-Off: A Profile

Since we’ve got a lot of people searching the blog for her, let’s start with Jennifer Lawrence.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but this year is the five-year anniversary of the creation of Twitter. So here’s the behind the scenes story of how Twitter was founded. (Business Insider)

And on that Twitter note, Simon Pegg tells the story of how he ended up on Twitter. (New Statesman)

The NBA playoffs started this weekend. Instead of your typical video game based simulation, though, SB Nation is using crappy 1990s video games to pick each series winner. (SB Nation)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Winning

Jennifer Lawrence may have not won an Oscar for best actress but she was definitely winning on Sunday night.

The folks at GQ were planning on running this profile of Charlie Sheen in their April issue. With all that’s happened with him over the last few days, they’ve released the profile early online. That’s winning. (GQ)

Gordon Bombay has some advice for Charlie Sheen. Bombay did get a DUI in ’92 so he has some experience. That’s how he ended up coaching District 5. (Tauntr)

Want an early front-runner to win the potential NFL lockout? I’d take the owners. Some have enough money to weather a two-year lockout. (CNN Money)

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