Entertainment Link-Off: Feast of Fiction

The moment is here! The highly anticipated film adaptation of The Hunger Games has finally hit theatres! If you’re not already out at the movies, then take some time to check out the latest ELO here. Kicking it all off with the film’s star Jennifer Lawrence.

After the jump, Disney is hemorrhaging money because of John Carter, Michael might not be entirely ruining the Ninja Turtles, a Russian movie critic reviewed The Iron Lady via a bootleg copy and a few more tidbits on Prometheus and The Hunger Games.

This news saddens me. Disney is preparing for a $200 write-off because of the lack of ticket sales for John Carter. I guess there won’t be a sequel in the making after all. (Deadline)

Remember earlier in the week when we were all sure that Michael Bay has sealed the deal in terms of ruining our childhood? Well turns out he doesn’t quite know everything that’s going on for the live action Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles remake. Thank goodness the director is clarifying Bay’s statements. (Slashfilm) Sigh of relief everyone! Well sorta… the co-creators of TMNT have been supportive of Bay’s comments earlier, but at least the latest news is a bit of a good sign.

Even summer schlockfests can teach us a few important things despite the general message to turn off our minds in the theatres. In the latest Battleship featurette, it hints to us that contacting alien races/other planets is a VERY BAD idea. (Movieweb)

So Community fell back to a 1.7 this week, but it did come back with a bit of a bang last week! Things are looking good for a renewal. Let’s keep that 5 seasons and a movie thing going! (Variety)

Now this is funny. A Russian movie critic got duped by reviewing a pirated version of the film The Iron Lady. (Indie Wire)

Taking a look at the Alien ‘Easter eggs’ found in the Prometheus trailer. (io9)

If you ever name your spaceship Prometheus, it is bound for failure. (Giant Freakin Robot)

While you can catch Guy Pearce in Prometheus, he’ll also be starring in the sci-fi action flick Lockout. Better yet, this 5 minute preview does make the film look like a fun B-flick. (IGN)

From the clips released so far for Snow White and the Huntsman (including this new trailer), I gotta say, it looks quite good. How in the world could Disney make a pass on it? (LA Times)

There’s something wrong with our generation of folks out there. More and more people feel that it’s appropriate to use a cellphone in a movie theatre. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Imagine The Hunger Games as a board game. Yeah it probably doesn’t look or sound as terrifying as this. (College Humor)

The Hunger Games seem a bit tame for ya? Perhaps you should watch the Japanese film Battle Royale. They’ve definitely amped up the violence in that movie. (Entertainment Weekly)

A fun look at what The Hunger Games posters would be like if other big name directors made the film. (Collider)

First look at The CW’s ‘Arrow’ based on the character the Green Arrow. At least the dark image looks promising… (The Hollywood Reporter)

WTF moment of the week. At a shooting competition event in Kuwait, the song from Borat was played as the national anthem for Kazakhstan. Oops? Feel free to sing along to these lyrics. “Kazakhstan industry best in the world. / We invented toffee and trouser belt. / Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region. / Except of course Turkmenistan’s.” Somewhere in the world, Sasha Baron Cohen is laughing his ass off.

Song recommendation of the week. In the Japanese edition of Pixie Lott’s second album Young Foolish Happy, here’s the new track Dancing On My Own featuring GD&TOP from popular Kpop band Big Bang. Sadly no music video, so just have a listen to the track here.

Teens react to The Hunger Games trailer.

Gotta love the connection that celebs develop with their fans on Twitter. Let’s take a look at celebrities read tweets about themselves. More specifically the bad tweets.

Let’s just end off this edition of the ELO with something else Hunger Games related. This time courtesy of the Youtube channel Feast of Fiction, here’s the recipe to cook up a dish that’s found in the books.


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