Wednesday Link-Off: Of Misogyny and Oscar-Hosting Men

I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve dropped my former trademark “after the jump” that I’ve been using on link-offs for the last four years. I felt like it was time to just drop it and let the links and my commentary speak for themselves. So, let’s kick this post off with Jennifer Lawrence telling us what she thinks of Seth MacFarlane.

What was the big story of the Oscars? That would be the terrible and sexist hosting job by Seth MacFarlane. (The New Yorker)

Before you say that Amy Davidson thought MacFarlane was terrible because she was a woman, men also thought MacFarlane was horrible. (World’s Most Famous Man)

Who doesn’t love hearing about Manti Te’o’s hoax? Maybe I’m just saying that because I hate Notre Dame. Anyway, here’s Deadspin boss Tommy Craggs talking about the story… Again… (Sports Journalism)

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