Entertainment Link-Off: Valentine’s Surprise

anna-kendrick-thelastfiveyears15-04Hello, entertainment links fans. Steve here in for Jackie. While Jackie is dealing with the arduous task of hot Australian summer weather, I’m taking a break from shoveling snow to take care of the ELO this week. He’s lucky I didn’t show up at his front door unannounced. Since Tuesday, I’ve dug out from over a foot of snow. Jackie? The worst that’s happened to him is turning the air conditioning down a degree because it got a wee bit nippy. Yes, I’m incredibly bitter about winter and no, I don’t intend to complain about 40° weather this summer.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night and it’s time for the links. No, I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s themed links today which is the surprise. Okay, that’s a terrible surprise but there’s TV, movie and celebrity gossip news for your perusal today. But for something Valentine-ish, let’s start with The Lowdown’s official celebrity crush Anna Kendrick.

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Sunday Link-Off: A Profile

Since we’ve got a lot of people searching the blog for her, let’s start with Jennifer Lawrence.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but this year is the five-year anniversary of the creation of Twitter. So here’s the behind the scenes story of how Twitter was founded. (Business Insider)

And on that Twitter note, Simon Pegg tells the story of how he ended up on Twitter. (New Statesman)

The NBA playoffs started this weekend. Instead of your typical video game based simulation, though, SB Nation is using crappy 1990s video games to pick each series winner. (SB Nation)

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