Wednesday Link-Off: Of Misogyny and Oscar-Hosting Men

I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve dropped my former trademark “after the jump” that I’ve been using on link-offs for the last four years. I felt like it was time to just drop it and let the links and my commentary speak for themselves. So, let’s kick this post off with Jennifer Lawrence telling us what she thinks of Seth MacFarlane.

What was the big story of the Oscars? That would be the terrible and sexist hosting job by Seth MacFarlane. (The New Yorker)

Before you say that Amy Davidson thought MacFarlane was terrible because she was a woman, men also thought MacFarlane was horrible. (World’s Most Famous Man)

Who doesn’t love hearing about Manti Te’o’s hoax? Maybe I’m just saying that because I hate Notre Dame. Anyway, here’s Deadspin boss Tommy Craggs talking about the story… Again… (Sports Journalism)

The NHL is looking at splitting the league into four divisions to realign things to make everyone happy. The problem is that they want to keep the geographic division names when they could easily do so much better. I’d prefer using the names of NHL legends like Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux et al but these will do. (Battle of Cali)

Phil Coke met Phil Coke’s Brain. Not his actual brain but his parody Twitter account guy. (MLive)

NBC is tanking hard. Its ratings are so bad that they’ll fall behind the Spanish language network Univision in the standings and finish 5th for February sweeps. (New York Times)

It’s been a while since NBC was a powerhouse but they used to have some good shows. One of those was The West Wing. Here are some things you might not have known about Sorkin’s best show. (Pajiba)

Call me old-fashioned (like you need my invitation to do so) but I like reading a physical book. If you want to laugh while you’re reading, you should check out this list of the best comedy books. (SplitSider)

Bryan Cranston has the best autographs. (Warming Glow)

Some of the biggest news leaks over the last few months have come from a man by the name of SuperDaE. Recently, he was shut down by the Australian police. Here’s his story. (Kotaku)

The upcoming McLaren P1 supercar will be a hybrid and have over 900 horsepower. That’s a hybrid that anyone would drive. (Top Gear)

This site calls these the worst death scenes in movie history but they’re catastrophically wrong. These are some of the best in movie history. (Screen Crush)

What happens when mods go wild and invade other games? Gamers’ll appreciate the punchline at the end.

It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for more news bloopers!


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