Man Lab Showdown: Barbara Palvin vs. Lais Ribeiro

For the return from hiatus edition of the Man Lab Showdown, we have a battle between two of Victoria’s Secret’s newest stars. Among the latest new crop of Victoria’s Secret hires, these two seem to have become the most popular. In one corner is Barbara Palvin, a Hungarian newcomer to Victoria’s Secret who has only modelled for them since the start of the year. In the other, Lais Ribeiro from Brazil who has burst onto the scene with two commercials for Victoria’s Secret over the last year. Both are in for a long future in the spotlight as they’re both under 20 years old.

More photos and the poll after the jump.

5 thoughts on “Man Lab Showdown: Barbara Palvin vs. Lais Ribeiro

  1. “Disdain thou not, O beautiful Dame,
    Possession proud of the highest estate !
    For the greatest fortune is thine alone,
    The fame of beauty that towers o’er all.
    The name of the hero heralds his path,
    Thence proudly he strides ;
    Yet bends at once the stubbornest man,
    And yields to all-conquering Beauty’s might…”


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