Wednesday Link-Off: Newsbeat

We’ve actually got some news links to cover in today’s linkdump. Since I don’t actually have anyone in the news to kick off the post with, let’s just go with Jennifer Lawrence who’s in a new movie opening this weekend.

I didn’t think the old saying “love conquers all” included the NHL’s Battle of Ontario. But there was a wedding proposal in Saturday’s edition as a woman proposed to her girlfriend. And the fact that they were cheered and the NHL put a video on their website shows that hockey just might be one of the most progressive major sports in the world. (Puck Daddy)

Why has Tiger Woods’ golf game gone downhill since 2008? Well, it might have less to do with his action on the side as it does with his obsession with the Navy SEALs. (New York Times)

The Obama Administration calls it a war against al-Qaeda. The Republicans call it a war on terror and radical Islam. Guess whose name for the conflict hurt Osama bin Laden’s cause more. (Slate)

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