Sunday Link-Off: A Profile

Since we’ve got a lot of people searching the blog for her, let’s start with Jennifer Lawrence.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but this year is the five-year anniversary of the creation of Twitter. So here’s the behind the scenes story of how Twitter was founded. (Business Insider)

And on that Twitter note, Simon Pegg tells the story of how he ended up on Twitter. (New Statesman)

The NBA playoffs started this weekend. Instead of your typical video game based simulation, though, SB Nation is using crappy 1990s video games to pick each series winner. (SB Nation)

After the jump, the history of SNL celebrity jeopardy, the story of Chris Kanyon, and Norm MacDonald’s return to TV.

A lot of people talk about what it would be like for the first openly gay professional athlete to come out of the closet. Well that may not happen anytime soon if you know the story of professional wrestling’s first openly gay star Chris Kanyon. (The Awl)

Now that Verizon is fazing out the “Can you hear me now?” guy, the “Can you hear me now?” guy is speaking out on how miserable the commercials made him. (The Atlantic)

Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. I found this look at the worst playoff beards in history. Crosby definitely makes the list. (MTV Clutch)

Good news: There’s a Canadian Lingerie Football League that’s opening up this summer. It’s always good to see quality Canadian talent getting a chance. (Off the Bench)

The Indy 500 is trying something new to attract eyes. They’re building a life-size Hot Wheels jump to be attempted on race day. (Sportress of Blogitude)

I’m a huge fan of the classic Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy skits. Therefore, I am obligated to link to this history of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. (Splitsider)

Reporting on an election is thankless work. I can tell you that from my days covering the UWO Students’ Council election. Covering the Federal Election is only a million times worse. (Hamilton Spectator)

Contrary to popular belief, RSS feed aren’t dead yet. Here are some of the best apps for you to subscribe to and read various RSS feeds. (Maximum PC) And don’t forget to subscribe our RSS feed. (Lowdown Blog RSS Feed)

Did you know that our first big post was audio of Beyonce without the computer alterations to her voice? That’s why I feel compelled to link to this audio of Ke$ha without autotune. (Celeb Jihad)

Today’s first photo gallery is a look at what shows would be on TLC if they did sports. (Sports Pickle)

Our second photo gallery isn’t so much a gallery as a comic. Just in time for the playoffs, it’s NBA Squares! (Tauntr)

Norm MacDonald is back on TV with his new show called Sports Show. Here’s one of the best clips from the first episode. Who knew that Blake Griffin could do something other than dunk.

Greatest lottery commercial ever? It’s an ad for North Carolina’s Wooooo! 2 scratch ticket at Ric Flair’s Wooooo University. Wooooo!

Ever thought you could solve Rebecca Black’s problem of which seat to take? Maybe you can try Friday the game.


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