Wednesday Link-Off: Running the Country with Twitter

jennifer-lawrence-vanityfair16-01I know the title is only a quote from China’s equivalent to Twitter but that comment does feel a little on the nose. I mean, Team Trump took away his Twitter in the dying days of the Presidential campaign fearing what he would write on it. In the midst of his transition, I’m sure there are diplomats and folks at the State Department hoping that they’d take Trump’s phone away again.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Jennifer Lawrence.

The Canadian Supreme Court is weighing a BC Court decision that could have international internet implications. A BC Court ruled that an injunction preventing a website from appearing on Google search results extended beyond and should apply worldwide. The Supreme Court has to determine the reach of the Canadian legal system on the internet. (Toronto Star)

Edward Snowden isn’t missing the irony of President-Elect Trump considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State. Snowden says that Petraeus leaked more highly classified info than he did. (Yahoo News)

A German nuclear fusion reactor actually works which could change the future of clean energy. (Science Alert)

Someone on Twitter asked if anyone talked to the unions about what they thought of Trump’s Carrier deal. Their union leader said that Trump “lied his ass off.” (Washington Post)

Want to avoid fake news sites? A Massachusetts professor has compiled a list of sites to avoid. (Merrimack College)

And the reason this list is important is because a lot of people are falling for these stories and believing they’re real. (Washington Post)

What do the Chinese think of Donald Trump? “He is running the country with Twitter.” (NBC News)

Good news for the technology sector and consumers. The US Supreme Court threw out the $400 million damages that were awarded to Apple from Samsung. (The Hill)

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