Sunday Link-Off: Death and Taxes

jennifer-lawrence-harpersbazaar16-01As I’m writing today’s links, I’m watching the F1 Spanish Grand Prix. Tomorrow’s write-up will be pretty good considering all that’s happened during this race. All Formula One needed to make things interesting was to get the Mercedes out of the way. Granted, we already knew that but it certainly a refreshing race.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. Since there’s another X-Men movie coming soon, let’s kick things off with Jennifer Lawrence.

Donald Trump isn’t going to release his tax returns until November. That’s kinds of a big deal. (Vox)

Are the media the ones to blame for Bernie Sanders’s populist movement failing next to Trump/Clinton’s elitist? (Salon)

Speaking of unreleased documents, Hilary still hasn’t released her Wall Street speeches. (Death and Taxes)

You know that Jon Stewart skewered Donald Trump. He didn’t let Hilary off lightly either. (Elite Daily)

Recently declassified documents show that the 9/11 commission did look into the involvement that the Saudi government might have had in 9/11. (The Guardian)

An independent MLA in BC asked for the legislature to enact some rules about decorum during question period. She was met with the opposite. (MacLean’s)

Not surprisingly, Canadians would prefer President Bernie Sanders. (Huffington Post)

Now that he’s been released from WWE, the former Damien Sandow talks about his time with the Fed and what he’ll do next. (Rolling Stone)

Diamonds are forever… until they meet a Finnish man’s hydraulic press.


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