Man Lab Showdown: January Jones vs. Jennifer Lawrence

For our second Man Lab showdown, we have a battle of the X-Women that star in this weekend’s X-Men: First Class. This First Class battle pits one of TV’s established stars against one of Hollywood’s up and coming stars. In one corner is Hollywood’s latest sweetheart and Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence. In the other is veteran actress and Emmy nominee January Jones.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Untitled ELO of the Week

I’m back from my one week hiatus but it won’t be for long as I’ll be away for another two weeks afterwards. Thankfully Steve is around to cover for me. Anyway, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day, but I’m short on love related stuff (though Olivia Wilde is now officially single much to fanboys delight). Anyway, kicking off this ELO is Emily Blunt. You won’t physically see her in theatres this weekend but you’ll hear her voice in the new animated film Gnomeo and Juliet.

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