Wednesday Link-Off: #3

I should be playing Mass Effect 3 right now but my hard drive had to suffer a catastrophic failure in January and cost me two (and a half) saved characters. But with ME3 out yesterday, it’s only fitting to lead-off with Yvonne Strahovski.

We all know that Rush Limbaugh is a moronic, misogynistic blowhard whose views lower the intelligence of everyone that hears them. Fortunately, after his latest tirade and thanks to the power of social media, Rush’s advertisers are leaving in droves. (Think Progress)

Speaking of advertising, since the NBA is expecting over two-thirds of teams to lose money this season, they’re looking at selling ads on jerseys. (Sporting News)

Mass Effect 3 is out! Let me repeat that to reflect my excitement: MASS EFFECT THREE!!!!!1!!3! Here’s a pretty detailed, but not spoilerish, review. (Kotaku)

After the jump, Valve’s secret project, another reason why newspapers are dying and the obligatory ME3 trailer.

Keeping with games, Valve might be working on a top secret console to bring their PC gaming distribution network Steam to the masses. (Insert Coin)

Also good news for gaming is the upcoming Windows 8. A first-hand account of the use of Microsoft’s upcoming OS says that it’s far easier on your hardware. (Calm Down Tom)

There’s actually a book out there called “How Fantasy Sports Explains The World.” I think I can say there’s a book called “How Fantasy Sports Explains The World” on my bookshelf. (Nerdist)

Parents of identical twin boys in San Antonio have named their kids after Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. What, no love for “The Admiral” David Robinson? (The Basketball Jones)

The least Moneyball franchise in the bigs could also be the most exciting. That team also happens to be the least likely to go that route. That team is the Miami Marlins. (The Classical)

Just when you think the future of newspapers is online, we get this bit of sobering money news. Every $1 of added online advertising costs the print side $7 in ad revenue. (

A concert ticket scalper tells stories of his life making and losing big money selling tickets. (Billboard)

Jake Lloyd says that Star Wars ruined his life and George Lucas making The Phantom Menace a crappy movie is to blame. (The Daily Mail) By the way, I’d like to restate that I hated Jake Lloyd more in this movie than Jar-Jar. It takes an extremely high level of suckage for an actor to outdo Jar-Jar Binks in terms of on-screen atrociousness.

What would happen if Indiana Jones applied for tenure at Marshall? Apparently, it wouldn’t go well. (McSweeney’s)

Did I mention that I was excited for Mass Effect 3? MASS EFFECT THREE!!!

And here’s all three Mass Effect launch trailers in one video. I don’t ever remember seeing the ME1 trailer before. I’m not sure about the music from the ME1 trailer but the other two trailer songs are Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell and Protectors of the Earth by Two Steps From Hell.

Sony trolls Cubs fans with their latest trailer for MLB 12: The Show.

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