Sunday Link-Off: The Calm Before the Storm

yvonne-strahovski-rosenthal15-05bI hope you aren’t coming here today looking for election links. We’re trying something different for #elxn42. Tomorrow, we have a special Election Link-Off that will cover everything you need to know ahead of voting. So if you’re looking for election info, tomorrow is the day to come by the blog.

But before tomorrow’s E(lection)LO, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Yvonne Strahovski.

A book from inside city hall in Toronto has been written about Rob Ford. Here’s an excerpt. (Politico)

Did you know that Canada is sending its waste to the Philippines and using the country as a dump? (Vice)

It’s not wrong to say that big money buys elections and political favour. Half of the money in the 2016 Presidential campaign so far have come from just 158 families. (New York Times)

Here’s an interesting thought: Americans like people who speak plainly and stick to their beliefs. The Nation thinks this will help Bernie Sanders but aren’t we already seeing this effect with Trump? (The Nation)

If you’re under the age of 29, the World Bank has some bad news for you. You’re twice as likely to be unemployed as other adults. (Bloomberg)

A handwritten draft of the King James bible has been found. Historians are hoping this can be used to figure out how it was assembled and translated. (Smithsonian)

How do you distance yourself from your party’s base? Blame the last President the party sent to the White House for the biggest terrorist attack on home soil. Just like Donald Trump blamed W for 9/11. (The Independent)

James Hinchcliffe writes about his near-death experience at Indianapolis and return at Road America testing. (The Players’ Tribune)

Restaurateur Danny Meyer is eliminating tips from his restaurant. He’s replacing them with higher wages and higher prices to compensate. Will this actually work? (Eater)

Next weekend, OSW Review ends their WrestleMania X-Seven storyline. Ahead of that, they’re trying to get their latest episodes on YouTube starting with Royal Rumble 2001.


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