Chuck Season Three Finale Primer

Seventeen episodes down and only two to go. Tonight marks the end of the third season of Chuck. Unlike last season, the show has already been renewed for a fourth season. But just because the show is safe from cancellation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be watching it. Unlike last night’s Lost finale, catching you up for tonight’s finale of Chuck should be fairly straight-forward.

When we last left Chuck, he just downloaded the second generation Intersect computer into his head. However, months of training couldn’t help Chuck control the computer so he was fired. That sent him into a tailspin of depression, not helped by the fact that his CIA handler/girlfriend Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) dumped him.

Fortunately, Chuck crashes a mission, saves the day, and gets rehired. That means he back out on a mission to steal something from an arms dealer with help from a familiar face (Mimi Anden).

Chuck’s not the only member of his family that gets dragged into the spy game. His brother-in-law gets dragged into it after saving the life of a Central American dictator. That means that Chuck’s sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) gets dragged into the action.

Of course, the eye candy isn’t limited to the side of justice. The evil Ring has Angie Harmon on their side.

This season also saw Chuck stuck in something of a love triangle. Chuck’s break up with Sarah allowed Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) to enter the picture.

Mind you, Sarah ends up in her own love triangle. That doesn’t interfere with her spy work, though.

Eventually, Chuck breaks up with Hannah only to find that Sarah is involved with fellow CIA agent Daniel Shaw. When Chuck finally becomes a full-fledged spy, he tries to win Sarah back so she’ll join his team in Italy. Who can blame him?

Anyway, it turns out that Shaw was a double agent so Chuck is forced to off him. So Chuck and Sarah finally get together and try to leave the spy life behind.

In the meantime, Chuck’s best friend Morgan dealt with a breakup and had his ex, Anna (Julia Ling), turn up unexpectedly.

However, Chuck and Sarah can’t leave that behind and continue to battle The Ring. But now the villains have tricked Ellie into helping them track down Chuck’s dad (Scott Bakula).

And that catches us up to tonight’s two-hour season finale at 8:00 PM on NBC. And if that didn’t get you pumped for it, here’s the episode promo.


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