Late Night Link-Off: The Great Linkdump Caper

Welcome to the first installment in what is our late-night linkdump here on the blog. We’re now negotiating doing a weekly linkdump for our pals over at a blog to be named when we complete the deal. These definitely aren’t the standard links that you’ll see on the WLO, ELO or SLO. Let’s call them rated-R links with some typical Lowdown fun and insanity. To kick off the first installment of the LNLO, here’s Taylor Swift who’s probably the least R-rated celeb in the world.

South Park just did their parody of food porn on last week’s episode but here are ten videos that are slightly more truthful in their advertising of food porn in a SFW sort of way. (Manofest)

After the jump sexual deviancy in sports, the greatest movie car chases, and gratuitous amounts of Yvonne Strahovski.

Ever wonder how football fans that live in an actual NFL city (sorry, Toronto, you don’t count) spend their time during a bye week? Watching porn. (Deadspin)

Dennis Rodman has done all sorts of crazy shit so this latest thing shouldn’t surprise us. He was on the phone with a radio show in Miami while in bed and (from the sounds of it) receiving oral. (The Big Lead)

Sadly, one thing missing from the NBA awards is the Award for Achievement in Sexual Deviancy. Fortunately, we can have a hypothetical awards ceremony for that one. (Food Court Lunch)

And that brings me to sexting. British actress Kelly Brook recently revealed that most of the sexts she receives are from sports folks. (FHM)

If I dug around the blog enough, I’d find the Barney Stinson’s Bro Code linked on here somewhere. While you use the handy search in the top right, I’ll direct you to the top 10 plays in Barney’s playbook. (COED Magazine)

The problem with the modern Hollywood car chase is that they’re too reliant on CGI to make it spectacular. Here are eight of the greatest movie car chases of all time and they all do it the proper way. (The Smoking Jacket)

I’m not sure if I’ve featured this before but it’s one of my favourite weekly features over at Deadspin. It’s called Great Moments In Drunken Hookup Failure. (Deadspin)

And speaking of cool weekly features, it’s LOLNFL. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

The Dallas Mavericks are releasing a cookbook with recipes from all the players. The boys at TBJ take a look at some of the recipes in it. (The Basketball Jones)

By now, we’ve all seen the Natalie Portman thong scene from the trailer to that movie whose name doesn’t really matter. To keep you happy until that comes out (or that Black Swan movie with Mila Kunis which is supposed to be pretty memorable), here are the 20 hottest photos of Natalie Portman. (Heavy)

A man in Britain decided to save recordings of every voice message that he was left over the last 20 years. The result was this short film that basically chronicles his life. (4Docs)

We’ve been blogging for a while now but I’ve noticed something missing. And that’s a general lack of Yvonne Strahovski videos. She’s only the hottest woman on network television but I’ve only got one video of her on here. Well, today I help fix it. You’re welcome.


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