2015 in Movie Product Placement

Just in time for the Oscars, it’s time for us to do another look back at the year that was in movies. While most people have spent the last couple of months talking about which were the best (or worst) movies of 2015. We have a handy little infographic that takes a different approach to looking at last year’s movies.

As an occasional Kickstarter contributor, I get daily emails from the website and they tend to crow, justifiably, about award nominated movies that were funded through their website. Not all movies are crowdfunded, though. For the big blockbuster films that routinely cost in the $200 million range to make, studios are turning to product placements to fund movies in case the box office, Blu-Ray sales and Netflix can’t make ends meet for them. Which movies and companies are getting the most money, exposure and value from product placement in movies? That’s what this infographic tries to answer.

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Does Anyone Believe What They See In Ads? (Infographic)

It might be the cynic in me but I have a hard time believe a lot of promises in advertising. It’s generally a case of if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It turns out that I’m not the only one who feels this way. This infographic shows there are a great many who have a hard time believing what they see in ads. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: #3

I should be playing Mass Effect 3 right now but my hard drive had to suffer a catastrophic failure in January and cost me two (and a half) saved characters. But with ME3 out yesterday, it’s only fitting to lead-off with Yvonne Strahovski.

We all know that Rush Limbaugh is a moronic, misogynistic blowhard whose views lower the intelligence of everyone that hears them. Fortunately, after his latest tirade and thanks to the power of social media, Rush’s advertisers are leaving in droves. (Think Progress)

Speaking of advertising, since the NBA is expecting over two-thirds of teams to lose money this season, they’re looking at selling ads on jerseys. (Sporting News)

Mass Effect 3 is out! Let me repeat that to reflect my excitement: MASS EFFECT THREE!!!!!1!!3! Here’s a pretty detailed, but not spoilerish, review. (Kotaku)

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Top Ten Super Bowl 45 Ads

Let’s face it. The Super Bowl is not actually about football. It’s really just a big budget marketing exercise for companies with more money than sense. A thirty-second ad spot on Fox for Super Bowl 45 cost $3,000,000. With 111 million people watching the game in the US and millions more checking out the ads on YouTube, there’s no bigger day for marketing executives to earn their salaries.

So which companies put their best foot forward on the biggest day of the year? After the jump, I rank the best ads of Super Bowl Sunday. Continue reading

Super Bowl 45 Link-Off

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, people! I’m not necessarily cheering for the Packers but Jaime Edmondson would make me consider it.

On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s only appropriate that we run this lengthy profile of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Sports Illustrated)

Ever wonder how that yellow first down line gets on the field for football TV broadcasts? Here’s a look at the technology at work. (Mental Floss)

Ever wonder what the week leading up to the Super Bowl is like for the players? Here’s a first-hand account of a player’s experience at the Super Bowl party scene. (Deadspin)

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Morning Link-Off: It’s Worth a Try

Welcome to the trial run of The Lowdown Blog.  This can either go well or be an unmitigated disaster.  If you have any tips for us today, send them to thelowdown@live.ca.

Facebook says they don’t own your pictures and information.  They still own your soul.  (Toronto Star)

Your “Only in India” moment of the day.  (Daily Telegraph)

Should Selig be indicted for letting the MLB become a joke?  And, more importantly, should Jesse Ventura start dressing like he did in the mid-80’s?  (Yahoo Sports)

Piss on the locker room and the administration will piss on your season.  (Daily Chronicle via Deadspin)

A history of stupid ads tattooed on stupider people.  I’ll being getting one next week.  (New York Times)

Starbucks is doing instant coffee?  And for only for $1 a cup!  Meanwhile, I’m paying about 3-cents a cup for Maxwell House like a sucker.  (CBC)

In Soviet Russia, government names you.  (Olivia Munn)

I’ll take things that could go bankrupt for $500, Alex.  These owners of the UFC are in danger of going bankrupt.  (Sports by Brooks)

Another reason why Canadian college football is better than U.S. college football.  (The Big Lead)

Kevin Garnett tells TNT’s Craig Sager what he can do with his All-Star suit.