Comic-Con 2010: Thursday Roundup

Comic-Con 2010 is here. The first day kicked off with plenty of excitement. Of course Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams were at hand to discuss about their projects (and Whedon officially confirms that he is directing The Avengers). Plenty of awesome panels took place including Tron Legacy, Battle: Los Angeles and The Expendables. Also, what would Comic-Con be without the epic of epic epicness Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: It Was All A Dream

Inception is finally out this weekend! I’m sure there are plenty of folks intrigued by the trailers and all the buzz surrounding the film, but if you’re still not interested, here are two reasons why you should go: Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard.

After the jump, a few more Inception related links, Tron Legacy gets the Pixar touch, several first looks at upcoming films, Shaq takes on Justin Bieber, Steve Carrell makes a big decision and the return of McFly!!! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: The Hunt Continues

The highly anticipated action/horror film Predators is finally out this weekend! Since the film only has one female star, let’s put some additional attention on her. Kicking off this week’s ELO is Alice Braga!

After the jump, more Predators related links, some awesome Tron Legacy tribute videos, Christopher Nolan wants to reboot Bond, a love song for cancelled TV shows and a special version of Twilight just for guys. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Flashes of Brilliance

For those of you in North America, this weekend marks the release of Iron Man 2! Leading off this ELO is Kate Mara. She briefly appears near the beginning of the film and that’s it. I know it’s a bit disappointing. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if Jon Favreau managed to somehow squeeze her in more scenes of the movie.

Oh by the way Friday Night Lights is back on NBC (Fridays at 8 pm), so remember to tune in folks!

After the jump another new J.J. Abrams project revealed, new Tron Legacy images, some Kick-Ass news, an awesome Street Fighter short film and the original Star Wars trilogy summarized in 2 minutes with Lego! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: WTF

This Sunday marks the debut of the highly anticipated WWII drama The Pacific on HBO. With a price tag of over $150M (US), the miniseries has established itself as the most expensive TV production to ever take place in Australia. I normally enjoy watching war epics, so I was planning to check it out, but since Isabel Lucas is in it, there’s more incentive to tune in!

After the jump, some Tron Legacy stuff, a look at TV shows on the bubble, an excess of Youtube videos and a few links that will make people go “WTF!” Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Silence Be Heard

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Kicking off this week is Gemma Arterton. She was a Bond girl in Quantum of Solace (yeah, I haven’t see it either). Never heard of her? No worries! She’ll be making her blockbuster splash this year with the upcoming Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

After the jump Jennifer Love Hewitt found a new way to decorate herself, more on the upcoming TV season, a behind the scenes look at Tim Burton’s work, a SNL presidential reunion and Roger Ebert speaks! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Shop Til You Drop

It’s a slow week here since everyone is off on holidays. Today is Boxing Day, which means everyone is lined up at the malls looking for a deal. In fact, I’m heading out to grab something, so I’ll keep this one brief. For those that do not plan on heading out to the crowded shopping malls, here’s something for you to read! Kicking this off is Olivia Wilde. I swear these photoshoots are reminding me to go check out shows that I generally miss over the year. Alright, I’m off to grab some House DVDs! Yes I choose to watch Chuck live, so House tends to be on the back burner.

After the jump, brief tidbits on movies, the Home Alone Twitter Project and Glee Flashmob! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Lost in Space

sienna millerAugust is finally here! While most of the summer blockbusters have already made it to a theatre near you, there are still a few more flicks that are prepping for release this month including G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The film does have quite the recognizable cast and features some nifty over-the-top action, so I’m really pumped about it. Plus, it also features a very bad-ass Sienna Miller as Baroness.

She was also on Top Gear last week during the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment. Don’t forget to check out the series 13 finale of Top Gear tomorrow night!

After the jump, new sci-fi show alert, Top Gear has Twitter (and so do we!), a look at Flynn’s Arcade and what Kevin Smith thinks of Twilight and its fans… Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Thursday Roundup

As I have mentioned in the latest Entertainment Link-Off, I will be posting some stuff on certain interesting panels/events at Comic-Con. Kicking off a series of entries is the Thursday Roundup featuring two highly anticipated films: Tron Legacy and Avatar. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2009: Trailer Watch

Comic-Con season is finally here! Fanboys and fangirls everywhere will be crowding around San Diego for a weekend full of nerdism. Aside from the latest buzz on our favourite superheroes, there will be plenty of panels for current and new TV shows as well as upcoming film releases. Since this is such a popular event, it would be appropriate for studios to release new trailers for movies that will be hitting a theatre near you. Remember to check back regularly as this will be updated as we go along! Continue reading