Entertainment Link-Off: Lost in Space

sienna millerAugust is finally here! While most of the summer blockbusters have already made it to a theatre near you, there are still a few more flicks that are prepping for release this month including G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The film does have quite the recognizable cast and features some nifty over-the-top action, so I’m really pumped about it. Plus, it also features a very bad-ass Sienna Miller as Baroness.

She was also on Top Gear last week during the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment. Don’t forget to check out the series 13 finale of Top Gear tomorrow night!

After the jump, new sci-fi show alert, Top Gear has Twitter (and so do we!), a look at Flynn’s Arcade and what Kevin Smith thinks of Twilight and its fans…

The two network shows to look out for this fall is FOX’s Glee and NBC’s Community.

First off, good news! Glee is going to premiere one week early! (Zap2it)

It also looks like I’m not the only one digging the new NBC show Community. (E! Online)

Earlier in the week, news broke out that Ben Silverman is no longer with NBC. Let’s take a look back at his time on the network… which features misses and more misses. (Zap2it) Now not everything he did is bad… he did give Chuck a 22-episode full order for season 2 without looking at the ratings, he did work out a deal to keep Friday Night Lights around and he did give the green light to the upcoming comedy Community.

Alan Sepinwall writes an interesting article on the upcoming season of Dollhouse. (NJ.com) I still think the show’s renewal was leaning more on the budget cuts rather than the ratings bump from “non-traditional viewing”.

Futurama is saved! The original castmembers are returning! (E! Online)

Oh look, Top Gear is on Twitter! (Top Gear) Speaking of Twitter, you can also follow us @LowdownFM or Steve @TheSteveMurray or me @silverzero16

Speaking of Top Gear, if James May built a Lego house… would you go in it? (BBC)

More William Shatner awesomeness as he headlines the Sarah Palin Poetry Slam on Conan. (Entertainment Weekly)

The film Kick-Ass made quite a splash at Comic-Con this year. I mean, how can you not like a violent film that features kids beating the crap out of people and swearing like truckers? The film was made outside of the studio system and does not have a distributor either… but the added buzz from the convention should have garnered some interest. Now that a recent test screening was cancelled… could the film be sold? (Collider)

The latest one-sheet from the upcoming action flick Ninja Assassin looks pretty neat. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Time to get your geek-on Tron fans. Awesome video of Flynn’s Arcade. (AICN)

Want to know when the Avatar trailer will be out? (Slashfilm)

Avatar will create a wonderful brand new 3D movie viewing experience for us all this December. While this is a step forward, we will still be taking two steps back when Saw VII comes out and turns the whole 3D idea back to a silly gimmick. (JoBlo)

Still not pumped about the new Guitar Hero game? This should get you “excited”. (Entertainment Weekly)

To build additional hype for the upcoming G.I. Joe film, another positive review just poured in. (JoBlo) Also, Collider has some nifty interviews with the cast including Sienna Miller and Darth Maul Ray Park.

defying gravityRemember the Virtuality pilot that was virtually unwatched on FOX? Well… it’s still cancelled, but there will be another sci-fi space series called Defying Gravity is premiering this weekend on ABC (CTV in Canada). Actually aside from the fact that both shows chronicles a lengthy space mission, the similarities between Virtuality and Defying Gravity stops there. Oh and of course the new show is also less “dense”. Anyway, this is another international joint production (this time between FOX Television Studios and CTV)… so that means it could be another case of The Listener or if they’re lucky, it will follow the footsteps of Flashpoint. The show is promoted constantly with the tagline “from the producers of Grey’s Anatomy”. Yes, it is described as Grey’s Anatomy in space with a touch of Lost. I can see how this works… a bit of romance, drama, mystery and sci-fi mashed into one show. Eh why not? If you’re not turned off the the constant plugging of Grey’s Anatomy, that’s great! There will be something for you to watch this Sunday. It won’t exactly be quality programming, but it is something to fill in those gaps during the dog days of summer. I’m a huge sucker for sci-fi, so I’ll give this series a shot. Oh by the way, did I mention that the show will feature zero-gravity sex? (TV by the Numbers)

You can check out the trailer here!


Finally, let’s end off with some Comic-Con footage courtesy of optimum5x5 on Youtube. At around the 4 minute mark, Kevin Smith has a very interesting take on those Twilight fans out there. (Warning: the video contains coarse language and crude content).



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